"Over a three year span of time working with Dr. Corey Priest and his team our family has experienced incredible health recovery in many areas. Whether it was working on heavy metal detox, hormonal imbalances, dementia concerns with an aging parent, immune system compromises because of dental amalgam fillings and metal bridgework, or behavioral issues linked with early childhood malnutrition, we have found continued wisdom, support and amazing wellness through Dr. Priest' up-to-date knowledge of the ever expanding research in holistic health.

The practice of Functional medicine involves both art and science for the physician. Maintaining attentiveness to the many environmental and personal factors that can impact the restoration of health as well as possessing the tools that can initiate change are vital elements which Dr. Priest possesses with amazing ability. When good health is highly valued and the patient is committed to the prescribed steps, incredible results are possible. Our family can attest to this. The consistent support of Dr. Priest and the LifeWorks staff is enabling us to function with optimal health even while we are serving and ministering in Africa. Thank you, Dr. Priest and LifeWorks team for the wonderful care!"

- Dr. Cindy North - University Chaplain - Africa Nazarene University

No more pain.
I started coming back in September 2010 due to lower back pain. Due to my job I have had lower back pain for years. Lately the pain is gone and I can sleep through the whole night without getting up in pain.

- Nate

We are Ecstatic!
Married for 8 ½ years, in Aug. 2009 my husband & I were ready to start a family, what I thought would be an easy journey. I was already healthy & very active; my husband improved his diet & quit smoking. After 6 mos. of trying I finally got pregnant, but miscarried at 6 weeks. I wanted to take a break & re-focus. Dr. Matt knew we were trying to have a family, and so sorry for our loss; he contacted me with a plan. The first steps I took were to fill out a functional assessment & have lab work to determine what was not working in my body & why. The results were astonishing ….some of my hormone levels were a lot higher than they should be; I also had a slight intolerance to gluten. I immediately started Dr. Matt’s nutrition program; a few months later I started trying again. A little frustrated, after two months, I went to him; he said to give it time as my body was removing all the inflammation & was re-healing itself. In September a positive outcome - I was pregnant but a little nervous. I am now 14 weeks along, due June 4 & everything is going as it should with the pregnancy. I can truly say Dr. Matt’s functional medicine plan helped get me where I am today. I would not have known there was anything “wrong” with me had I not had his guidance. We are Ecstatic!

- Elizabeth

"Corey Priest is our go to resource on any type of medical issue. He has provided care and advice for my family on everything from surgery recovery, medication questions, supplement advice, diet advice, as well as being a positive motivator in helping follow that advice. I feel like it is safe to say that he has proved himself to be an expert in all things human, at least on the physical side. If you have any kind of issue I would recommend talking to Corey Priest before anyone else, including your MD."

- Mark Barnes - Overland Park, Kansas

Uncurable Autoimmune Disorder Cured

"Dr. Priest, I'm so grateful for you! Thanks to your excellent care, I'm no longer experiencing symptoms of a disease other doctors told me I would suffer from for the rest of my life. What I like about your practice is that you don't just cover up the symptoms' you work hard to treat the root cause of the issue and restore health completely, such as in my case. Had I taken the route of traditional medicine, I would have suffered from terrible side effects and perhaps become even more sick, and spent a lot more money, I know that for sure. I sincerely hope anyone suffering from ill health sees you right away like I did, and I'm referring you to my friends and family. You are doing excellent and much needed work in the world. Thanks again!"

- Lyndsie Coon, Overland Park, Kansas

"I first met Dr. Priest in the spring of 2008. I'd been having unusual health problems for several months and even a trip to the Cleveland Clinic was fairly inconclusive' I had been given a diagnosis but they were unable to tell me what caused it or provide an effect cure for it. After doing my own research, I suspected I had heavy metal toxicity caused by the mercury amalgam fillings in my teeth and that several epidural injections I had in my back in late 2007 had exacerbated my symptoms. I located a dentist in Raytown, Missouri, who was trained in the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings. The dentist was convinced that my symptoms were indeed caused by the fillings and he began the process of safely removing them. Due to the severity of my symptoms, he felt that I should also begin a chelation protocol as soon as possible and referred me to Dr. Priest. At my first appointment, Dr. Priest spent a lot of time with me, going over all of my symptoms, ordering specific lab tests to test for heavy metals; we talked about diet, supplementation, etc. After the lab tests confirmed out suspicions, he developed a chelation protocol to rid my body of the heavy metals. It took several months, but with the chelation, diet, and revision of my dental work I have gained my health back. I continue to see Dr. Priest on occasion for follow-up; it is my firm belief that had it not been for Dr. Priest' care and treatment along with the safe removal of the mercury from my teeth, my health would have continued to decline."

- David Streit - Topeka, Kansas

"I came to see Dr. Priest in the fall of 2011. Significantly overweight; I was packing on the pounds no matter what I did. My blood pressure was high, I was borderline diabetic and I was taking multiple medications including 3 different pain meds. Wow' what a transformation. I am completely off pain meds, my blood pressure is low and I dropped over 50 pounds. I now have clarity of mind and plenty of energy to spare. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Priest' holistic approach to treating the patient, he determines the underlying cause of the issue before treatment and works to take care of the root cause vs. throwing medications at the symptoms. If you follow his recommendations, I guarantee you will feel better and your health will improve."

Joy Johnson - Overland Park, Kansas

"I am completely off pain meds and I have dropped more weight than I thought I could. I now have clarity of mind and plenty of energy to spare. I sincerely appreciate the holistic approach to treating the patient at LifeWorks Integrative Health. Your health will improve!"

- Joy

Dr. Matt helped relieve my back pain!
I can lay on my back without having shooting pain travel down my spinal area. I can use my right arm and hand without feeling like it’s burning. I can sleep thru the night without waking up in pain. My pain level has gone from a 10 to maybe a 1 if being a 1 means something I feel GREAT. My life has improved for the time being and I know if it had not been for Dr. Gianforte I would still be living a painful, unhappy life.

- Martha

No more migraine headaches
Four years ago I was taking 6 prescriptions and suffered from migraine headaches. Two of the prescriptions were supposed to help my migraines. After seeing Dr. Matt for a couple of years I was able to reduce the number of prescriptions down to just one! I no longer suffer from depression or migraine headaches. Yea Dr. Matt!

- Joy H.