diabetic neuropathy treatment in Shawnee Kansas

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, chances are you have had some nerve pain since your diagnosis. Pain in your nerves is often uncomfortable and hard to describe to medical professionals. Many people with diabetes with nerve pain are often advised by their doctors that include pain medication or ways to manage the pain. However, none of these treat the nerve pain itself but rather help you cope with the nagging pain. Learn more about these 3 ways you can benefit from diabetic neuropathy treatment in Shawnee, Kansas to find some relief.

No More Pills That Mask the Problem

While there is a time and place for medication intervention, no one wants to be on a long term pain medication if they can help it. Unfortunately, many diabetics are told that everyday pain meds are one of the only ways to “treat” their nerve pain, when it’s actually just masking the systems. Diabetic neuropathy treatment in Shawnee, Kansas can address the root cause of your issues and be an excellent alternative to taking prescriptions every day. You can simply come in for a consultation and let the professionals at LifeWorks Integrative Health help you find alternatives to long term medication.

Medical Professionals That Care

So many patients come to LifeWorks after having a bad experience somewhere else. When patients are told that there is no other treatment available for their neuropathy pain, they are often surprised that we think otherwise. At LifeWorks, you’ll meet caring professionals who want to help find the root of your pain problem. We know that you are in pain, and we will do all that we can to alleviate the pain by treating the entire issue.

Get Back to Normal Life With Diabetic Neuropathy Threatments

Many of our patients enjoy getting back to normal life after their diabetic neuropathy treatment in Shawnee, Kansas. When they first come to the office, they are often in chronic pain. Many are surprised to see how quickly the pain starts to lessen, and some often have pain free days that they haven’t had in quite a while. In a chronic pain situation, getting back to a healthy life is often the best part of treatment.

There is no reason why you should stop looking for pain treatment for diabetic neuropathy. Not only do we believe that we can help you, but we have plenty of satisfied patients to prove it! When looking for diabetic neuropathy treatment in Shawnee, Kansas, consider calling LifeWorks Integrative Health for a free consultation!

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