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Our highly trained and diverse medical team has found each other over time because of our desire to provide the best functional medicine and physical medicine. Each practitioner at LifeWorks Integrative Health has, through their career, gone above and beyond the status quo through additional training, innovation in their area of expertise, and a firm commitment to excellent health care services that get results.

On a daily basis this exceptional team hears stories of the countless practitioners our patients have seen who couldn’t help them. This pushes us to dig deeper, work harder and excel in every area of LifeWorks Integrative Health.

LifeWorks Integrative Health has built a team that truly knows root cause-based medicine on all levels, including functional medicine and physical medicine, so that you can better manage your pain and wellness.

Whether it is chiropractic care, pain management, chronic disease, physical rehab, or nutrition education that you need, we have the service and we have Kansas City’s finest practitioners to serve you.

Each member of LifeWorks Integrative Health is committed to a healthier you and a healthier community. We so look forward to serving you and your family.

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Matthew Gianforte

Matthew Gianforte DC

Dr. Matthew Gianforte, DC, has been working to restore functional health to the Kansas City area for over 15 years. He is the founder and co-owner of LifeWorks Integrative Health, a full scope functional practice. Matt is a forward thinker in the areas of natural pain management, physical medicine and rehab medicine.

He and his team take a multidisciplinary approach to health by incorporating chiropractic care, functional medicine, rehab medicine, and natural pain management all under the same roof. Dr. Gianforte aims to uncover the underlying biomechanics and biochemical abnormalities at the root of the health problem in order to help people feel better quickly, and restore true health over time. He believes the body has remarkable healing abilities when the true cause of the issue is identified.

Jill Brown DC

Jill Brown DC

Dr. Jill Brown, DC is a 2007 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park, Kansas. She has been working to educate and improve the quality of life of her patients. Dr. Jill was first introduced to chiropractic due to a sports injury in competitive softball. The ability of the body to perform and heal itself has always been important to her and she has been passionate about spreading awareness ever since.

Dr. Jill has a special interest in children since having her first child in February 2013. She was able to experience firsthand how chiropractic care can make pregnancy and labor easier on the mom and baby. She has also witnessed the positive effects of regular adjustments on the health of her son who has been regularly adjusted since he was two weeks old.

Angela Garner MD

Angela Garner MD

Dr. Angela Garner, MD, has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Dr. Garner is an internist and a hospice director. She has always been passionate about helping others as she enjoys volunteering her time in other countries to help people get the medical care they need.

Dr. Garner believes that feeling beautiful inside and out has tremendous benefits to the overall aging process. In 2012, she opened Refresh Medical Day Spa and Hormonal Health in Overland Park, KS. Also, in 2012, Dr. Garner wanted to combine her passion to help others with her medical expertise when she joined LifeWorks.

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Practitioner Michaela Kolarik NP

Michaela graduated from Baker University with her Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2010. She made the decision to further her education and received her Family Nurse Practitioner degree after many years working as an RN in the Emergency Department. During her time in the ED her passion for wellness and prevention of chronic disease grew as Michaela repeatedly encountered chronic illnesses that could have been prevented with better health education and a wellness model. She is passionate about helping patients achieve optimal health and prevent disease.

Michaela has been married to her husband, Matt, for 6 years and they just welcomed their first baby, a son named Otis, in August. As a wife and new mom, Michaela appreciates a healthy lifestyle and strives to ensure her family focuses on health prevention with such things as routine physical activity and eating a healthy diet.


dr corey priest

Corey Priest DC

Dr. Corey Priest is one of the industries most experienced functional medicine practitioners. From the beginning of his career he recognized the need for competent, compassionate practitioners who truly understand the way each of the body’s systems interact. He has worked tirelessly over the past 20 years to become one of the very best functional medicine practitioners available. Dr. Priest is relentless when it comes to quality care, quality science, and solving your health problems. He is never satisfied with status quo which makes him an exceptional advocate for your health and always striving to stay ahead of the curve of health technology.  He believes a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to health is needed more than ever in the complex world we live in, and he is always willing to connect with other practitioners involved in your healing journey.

Dr. Corey Priest’s 20 years of experience successfully treating patients is coupled with his extensive, and ongoing training in the every-changing field of functional medicine. To say that Dr. Priest is well qualified in functional medicine would be an understatement. He is exceptionally trained and never stops learning. Some of his training and credentials include: Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) candidate for IFMCP, American College of Advancement in Medicine, American Board of Chiropractic Internists, University of Miami School of Medicine, University of Bridgeport Post Graduate Programs, Certified in Injectable Nutrients for IV and Chelation Therapy, Certified Injury Prevention Specialist.

His passion for high performance shows not only in his extensive healthcare training, but also in his own athletic career. He has completed multiple Triathlons ranking each time within the top 10% of his age group. In 2016 he completed 7 triathlons ending the season with a full Ironman and is strategically planning for qualification in Ironman Kona in the upcoming years.  When not in the office working for his patients, he is coaching his son’s competitive baseball team. Alongside his wife Stacey, they are raising two strong, kind, resilient boys into great men. His values of integrity, gratitude, and excellence drive his personal and professional life and shape the exceptional culture and team at LifeWorks Integrative Health.


What Our Patients Say


I started coming back in September 2010 due to lower back pain. Due to my job I have had lower back pain for years. Lately the pain is gone and I can sleep through the whole night without getting up in pain.


“Corey Priest is our go to resource on any type of medical issue. He has provided care and advice for my family on everything from surgery recovery, medication questions, supplement advice, diet advice, as well as being a positive motivator in helping follow that advice. I feel like it is safe to say that he has proved himself to be an expert in all things human, at least on the physical side. If you have any kind of issue I would recommend talking to Corey Priest before anyone else, including your MD.”

Joy H.

Four years ago I was taking 6 prescriptions and suffered from migraine headaches. Two of the prescriptions were supposed to help my migraines. After seeing Dr. Matt for a couple of years I was able to reduce the number of prescriptions down to just one! I no longer suffer from depression or migraine headaches. Yea Dr. Matt!


I can lay on my back without having shooting pain travel down my spinal area. I can use my right arm and hand without feeling like it’s burning. I can sleep thru the night without waking up in pain. My pain level has gone from a 10 to maybe a 1 if being a 1 means something I feel GREAT. My life has improved for the time being and I know if it had not been for Dr. Gianforte I would still be living a painful, unhappy life.