Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Hi. My name is Dr. Matthew Gianforte and I would like to personally welcome you to LifeWorks Integrative Health. We are one of the first Integrative Health Clinics in the Kansas City area. An integrative practice incorporates a combination of physiotherapy, chiropractic, nutrition and functional medicine, as well as a blend of medical treatment. This offers the best of both conservative, time proven therapies and non-surgical medicine.

Before we get started, let me tell you about myself and how LifeWorks Integrative Health evolved in to a multi-disciplinary clinic. After graduating from chiropractic school, I was excited to help many people that suffer from chronic pain; such as: knee pain, sciatica, neck and back pain, headaches, as well as hip pain and more. I noticed the usual route patients take with medications and physical therapy were only getting limited long-term results. So I knew, as a chiropractor, I had to dig deeper to help these folks from the debilitating pain that they dealt with on a daily basis.

I discovered on x-rays, years of degeneration on bones and joints caused by biomechanical dysfunction. This is degeneration that could have been prevented if caught early and treated properly. Patients were being treated to get rid of their pain, rather than improving their function to resolve the pain. This approach left patients to develop chronic, degenerative damage in joints, leading to chronic pain.

Some people ask how our treatment model is different and why it works so successfully. My answer to them is that we follow our unique four pillars of joint pain relief treatment model. If you are in search of non-surgical pain relief, then this is the most comprehensive method, because it involves a customized integrated approach, utilizing multiple specialties if necessary. Simple pain problems only require simple solutions, but we always evaluate you through our four pillars model. These pillars consist of reduction of pain, structural alignment, stabilization and reinforcement, and regeneration.

  1. Reduction of Pain-The first pillar focuses on pain and inflammation reduction, because you came here for pain relief first and that is what we’re here to deliver.
  2. Structural Alignment-Our second pillar is structural alignment of the bones and soft tissue. If you suffer from a pinched nerve, misaligned joint and muscle pain, this is the pillar that corrects that problem.
  3. Stabilization and Reinforcement-Our third pillar is reinforcement through muscle stabilization. Physical therapy has traditionally thrived here, but often fails first, if the first two pillars are not addressed properly. It is not uncommon for us to see a patient who has failed physical therapy treatment for their condition, but benefits under our model of care.
  4. Our fourth pillar uses regenerative medicine treatments. This is not necessary for most, but if you’re suffering pain from lost cartilage, arthritis, degeneration of disc, torn tendons, damaged ligaments or suffer from instability; this is the only non-surgical treatment that works consistently.

Part of our initial assessment requires us to determine your functional deficit, which is where we set a baseline of your dysfunction. Correcting dysfunction is how we achieve long term results rather than just pain relief. After all, if you only wanted pain relief, we could just prescribe narcotic pain killers, but that is not how we operate. So, for your comprehensive approach to joint pain, look no further than LifeWorks Integrative Health.


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At LifeWorks Integrative Health we take wellness, prevention, and supporting the body before illness occurs just as seriously as we take your acute and chronic pain that is already occurring.