Arthritis Doctor Shawnee KS

arthritis doctor Shawnee KSArthritis pain is exhausting and difficult to manage which is why the arthritis doctor Shawnee KS relies on takes your pain seriously. The team at LifeWorks Integrative Health knows that arthritis can happen at any age to any type of person for a variety of reasons. This is why we specialize in asking “why.” Even though arthritis is a common condition affecting millions of people, it is still a general term. Having a diagnosis of arthritis basically tells you that joints are inflamed. We are here to help you understand why that is happening. Bu first think in terms of “why” the issue is occurring rather than jumping straight to “what,” the root cause of your pain can be corrected instead of covered up. The arthritis doctor Shawnee KS residents turn to needs a variety of options for understanding and treating your pain. This is why we combine functional medicine and physical medicine to give you a comprehensive health solution.

The Two Side of Arthritis

Since arthritis is such a common term and condition that so many people face, it is easy to make generalizations about it without actually understanding the mechanism behind it. Educating our community on the conditions they face is one of our favorite things to do, aside from getting you feeling great again, of course! What many do not realize is that arthritis has two faces. A movement side and a physiological side. The arthritis doctor Shawnee KS trusts knows the root of your arthritis lies in one of these two areas, or most likely, a combination of the two.

1. Arthritis and Your Movement

Achy, painful joints do not just suddenly begin happening, even if the pain is noticed suddenly. The daily, repetitive movements of your body contribute in large part to arthritis pain. For most of us, these movements are not done in ways that support the body’s natural biomechanics. A variety of things from a misaligned spine, tight muscles, weak muscles, and repetitive movements like sitting, typing, hand held devices, and poor posture all contribute to poor biomechanics. When joints are stressed from improper movements over and over again, pain develops. This is when you turn to the arthritis doctor Shawnee KS uses to assess your pain. We do a comprehensive physical medicine assessment to determine how your daily movements, muscle and joint movements, and spine alignment are contributing to your pain. We can then determine the best way forward through chiropractic care, rehab therapy, trigger point therapy, and regenerative medicine options. Arthritis pain can be complex which is why we are experts in multiple modalities to treat you in a way that fits your specific needs.

2. Arthritis and Your Physiology

Too many people are led to believe arthritis is inflammation of the specific joint, but has nothing to do with inflammation in the rest of your body. The right arthritis doctor Shawnee KS has for you knows that inflammation can show up anywhere in the body and even move from one area to another. Therefore not addressing inflammation from a physiological level cannot solve your arthritis issues. We get you relief from achy, painful joints through changing the foods you eat and using high quality nutritional supplements to calm down inflammation systemically. Your arthritis is inflammation housed in your joints. Someone else may have inflammation that shows up in their gut, brain or other organs. Regardless of where inflammation shows up, it needs to be addressed on a physiological level by a qualified functional medicine team like LifeWorks Integrative Health. Join us and the arthritis doctor Shawnee KS trusts to get the relief you need for your pain.