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Arthritis Treatment Kansas City

Looking to ditch medications and treat the root cause of your arthritis pain?

Don’t Suffer From Arthritis Pain Any Longer

Our treatment works for a variety of types of arthritis. Don’t suffer with arthritis pain any longer! Schedule your free consultation today. We can eliminate pain and increase mobility, without drugs or surgery.

Arthritis Treatment in Kansas City

What is Arthritis?

One of the most familiar joint pain conditions is arthritis. It is a condition categorized by prolonged aches or lingering pain in the joints. The disease is a progressive one that worsens without treatment. It is imperative to seek treatment options for pain related to the disease during its early onset to develop an approach to help successfully manage or reduce the symptoms of the condition.

Seeking Arthritis Treatment in Kansas City?

  • Are you experiencing PAIN, STIFFNESS, & SWELLING that you have been told you have to live with?
  • Have you TRIED EVERYTHING (massage, therapy, injections, and even surgery) with no results?
  • Have you been offered MORE MEDICATIONS as your only option?

Our treatment works for a variety of types of arthritis. Don’t suffer with arthritis pain any longer! Schedule your free consultation today. We can eliminate pain and increase mobility, without drugs or surgery.

Don’t Suffer From Arthritis Pain Any Longer

Are you a candidate for this new comprehensive arthritis treatment? Schedule a free, no obligation consultation if you:

  • What causes Arthritis
  • The problems with standard treatment
  • How LifeWorks can help you achieve real relief

Types of Arthritis

Arthritis Treatment Kansas City | The disease can occur in almost any area of the body where joints are located. Here are a few of the most familiar types:

  • Knee: knees carry the tension of most of the body weight daily, this places them in a high-risk category for the disease.
  • Hip: the hips are made up of joints that bear a lot of the primary weight of the body, which makes them vulnerable to osteoarthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis: this category of the disease gradually grinds against cartilage that divides the bones and engrosses the shock. Osteoarthritis generally occurs in or around weight-bearing joints.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: a common type that is categorized as an autoimmune disease that leads to inflammation in the joints.

Arthritis Treatment

Over extended periods of time, swelling associated with the disease can lead to erosion of the bone and deformity of the joints. Although there is no known cure for the disease at this time, a holistic approach can assist with reducing or eliminating the pain for short and long-term relief. This method offers a strategic combination of pain management, physical rehab, regenerative medicine, and chiropractic care that serves as an alternative to treatments that lead to unwanted or uncomfortable side effects.

Benefits of holistic treatment for arthritis

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased and improved range of motion in effected joints
  • No down time
  • Non-invasive treatment option

Alternative treatment options available at LifeWorks Integrative Health are safe and effective for arthritis treatment in Kansas City. Our comprehensive approach is proven to address the root cause of your joint pain and provide lasting relief. Our professional team is available to consult with you and develop a personalized treatment plan that will allow you to resume daily life.

Ryan McElhaneyRyan McElhaney
14:15 01 Feb 22
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and resources. Made me feel so confident in my treatment plan and worked to help me get better and find long terms solutions.
Dirk MasonDirk Mason
17:43 27 Jan 22
When i came to lifeworks i was in bad shape as far as pain in the knees and hips but since I have had therapy Nick and Alexa's as well as others in therapy and my chiropractor and my nurse for the injections in my knee and Ambria and Taylor I have been so professional these past few weeks that I've been coming I've gotten stronger my knees feel better the pain is going away they make me feel like a new man can't wait till it's completely healed with the healing process has started thank you so much Life Works
Myrna CroanMyrna Croan
16:36 27 Jan 22
The neuropathy treatments are great and the shots all help the therapy is working great and everyone is so nice and helpful. I have been coming for several months. My foot that has the neuropathy in it no longer chases me to fall. Life Works is wonderful.
Burke BettisBurke Bettis
15:11 25 Jan 22
The staff is like family. Very helpful and caring. The PT puts you through you paces but with great concern about your well being.
Glenda DenhamGlenda Denham
15:05 29 Jul 21
The employees at Life works are the best. They care very much about you and are very serious about your well being. They are kind, considerate, fun which makes you glad to be there. They call you by name and if you are handicapped will help you like get[ng up from a chair, putting your shoes and socks on and tying your shoes for you. Sometimes if they see you coming they jump up and open the door for you with a smile.At this time in my treatments everything is so much better.

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