Functional Medicine and Autoimmune Disease

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If you suffer from one of the many types of autoimmune diseases, you likely have heard that there is no cure for your disease and you will need to take aggressive medications for the rest of your life to manage the disease. What if that was not the case?

How 4 Common Immune Treatments Hurt Your Health



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It is time to take a deeper dive into a few of the most common, everyday medical recommendations for common illnesses and discomforts in order to better understand them, and give you the opportunity to make more informed decisions for the wellness of you and your family.

Inflammation, Digestion and the Immune System: 3 Tips for Supporting Your Immune System with Food


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A major part of your immune system is in your gut. This means how you treat your gut is important in protecting yourself from illness, autoimmune conditions and even cancer.

Specialized immune cells and bacteria meet in the gut and these cells hitchhike on other cells and travel through the body to either support or add strain to those body systems.

Meditation and Mindfulness

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Meditation and mindfulness, you’ve heard the terms before, but what does it really mean and does it really help? Meditation is a simple and easy practice that provides inner peace and calmness. It can be performed anywhere and is an inexpensive way to achieve relaxation during even the most stressful times.

Do You Have a Leaky Brain? How the Gut-Brain Connection Impacts Your Health

What Is The Gut-Brain Connection?

The gut-brain connection is the system within your body that facilitates a two way communication between the GI tract and the brain. The gut or GI tract has its own nervous system called the enteric nervous system (ENS) which means there is a complex signaling system from the gut to the other parts of the body.

Head Injuries: Why Rest and Recover Might Not Be Enough

Concussion and treatment for them continues in the news as the long term side effects have shown up in retired NFL players. Other sports such as soccer, ice hockey, rugby, boxing, wrestling, cheerleading, and volleyball also have high risk for concussions. While many of the concussion risks and prevalence coincides with childhood and adolescent sports,

Why Food Matters

Energy and nutrients from food are the raw materials for hormone production. Without enough raw materials your body will prioritize making “survival hormones” (a.k.a stress hormones) like cortisol which is a key factor in hormone imbalances. A practical example of this is cholesterol which is the precursor of almost every major hormone in the body.

What Conditions Do You Use IV Nutrition Therapy For?

What Conditions Do You Use IV Nutrition Therapy For?

IV Nutrition Therapy is something that we’ve been wanting to implement within LifeWorks Integrative Health for the last 10, 11 years. Now it’s become more of a demand, and necessity than it has ever before because of how inflamed and how toxic many of the patients coming in are. We say that because the GI tract is extremely inflamed to the point that the oral administration of nutrients and things that we’ve done in the past and had good success on,