How Can an Occupational Therapist Enhance a Patient’s Life?

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An occupational therapist is a health professional that aids individuals struggling with living a full and independent life, whether due to sickness, disability or other skill challenges. In many cases, an occupational therapist helps patients develop the skills they need for everyday living. Depending on the patient, skills that may need enhancing could include getting dressed,

The facts behind B vitamins

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You have probably heard the buzz about B vitamins and the supplement advertisements that claim B vitamins provide the body energy. Through all of the advertisements it can be tricky to dig through what is true and what are hyped up statements. B vitamins play an integral role for proper function,

The impact of chemicals on health

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Chemical exposure occurs on a daily basis. Harmful substances can enter the body through eating, drinking, absorption of the skin, and even breathing. While some chemical exposures are considered safe, being aware of how chemicals affect the body is important. People can respond to chemical exposure in very different ways.