AUTOIMMUNE DISEASEAutoimmune diseases can be one of the most debilitating and life altering conditions leaving people suffering for years. This has to stop and this is why we specialize in autoimmune relief in Johnson County KS. Autoimmune conditions are increasing at an alarming rate affecting over 24 million people. There is not only one way that autoimmune diseases present themselves which is one reason they are poorly treated in the conventional medical model- they don’t behave by falling into easily identified patterns. They are as diverse in how they affect people as are the people they affect. The only common thread in autoimmune diseases is inflammation. A systemic fire of inflammation is at the core of every autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, celiac disease, thyroid disease, irritable bowel disease, psoriasis, and more. If you suffer from any of these conditions, there is help and there is a better way.

Autoimmune diseases are characterized by the immune system attacking your own tissue instead of the foreign invaders it is designed to fight for you. Essentially the immune system goes haywire causing your body to read your own healthy tissue as if it were and invader.  The immune system is designed to be your defense against foreign invaders like infections, viruses and toxins but in autoimmune conditions, these attacks happen on your own tissues such as bones, joints, skin, digestive tract and brain. This is caused by inflammation in the body and when the source of inflammation can be identified, your immune system can heal and deploy its forces in appropriate ways again.

Stop The Suffering from Autoimmune Disease

If you are one of the 24 millions people suffering from autoimmune conditions chances are your provider has prescribed powerful immune suppressing medication that does not address the cause of your disease. Your provider is not asking WHY you are sick, but rather searching for WHAT disease you have in order to give you the correct label. Far too many of our patients suffered many misadventures in the modern medical system before they found us. They report their doctors gave them medication after medication telling them they will just have to live with their disease. Others report feeling disregarded by their doctors who didn’t seem to believe the level of pain, discomfort and even emotional struggle they were living with on a daily basis. Still others now suffer with severe, life-altering complications from the medications prescribed for their autoimmune conditions. The medications used to manage the runaway immune system are powerful, and in many cases quite dangerous. Anti-inflammatory drugs, Advil, steroids, immunosuppressants like Methotrexate, Enbril and Remicade can lead to intestinal bleeding, kidney failure, depression, psychosis, osteoporosis, muscle loss, diabetes, widespread infection and cancer. There is a better way. You can restore your immune system’s faulty coding, and feel yourself again without increasing your risk for other sever health issues.

The “Why” Forward for Autoimmune Disease

Asking the question “why” is foundational to all the work we do at LifeWorks Integrative Health. Understanding “why” your immune system is in hyperdrive and sending your body the wrong signals is the first step. Whether your inflammation is coming from heavy metals, food sensitivities, chemical exposures, hormone dysregulation, bacterial overgrowth, yeast, or infection, we are your autoimmune relief in Johnson County KS because we dig until we understand “why.”

Through comprehensive lab testing and in-depth listening to your health story, we begin to uncover the root cause of your autoimmune condition. From here we work alongside you to develop the right treatment plan unique to you. This is a multidisciplinary approach that draws from the variety of healing services available at LifeWorks Integrative Health. Nutritional supplementation, homeopathics, immune modulating botanicals,  IV infusion therapy and food recommendations help to calm down the immune response and replete the body with the raw materials is needs to do the job of you feeling well. Chiropractic adjustments ensure the central nervous system is aligned and signalling, as best it can, to all the cells in your body. Stem cell therapy is also an option for many with autoimmune conditions as the young stem cells can aid the immune system in creating new cells with proper “coding” of how to appropriately attack foreign invaders instead of your own tissue. Stem cells also promote the healing of damaged tissue that is a direct result of autoimmune inflammation.

We have the expertise, experience and treatment options you need to stop suffering from your autoimmune disease and overcome it! Your suffering can stop and you can begin the journey back to vitality today. Your body has amazing capacity to heal and we are honored to partner with our patients to help your body regain that healing ability. We are autoimmune relief in Johnson County KS that gets you back to the health you need for the life you want.

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