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Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Living with persistent back pain can be excruciating and interrupt your responsibilities and hobbies. The pain may occur in the lower back, neck, spasms, or at the point of the sciatic nerve causing you to seek non-surgical back pain treatment in Kansas City. Wherever it may strike, it can prevent you from carrying out your responsibilities or participating in some of your favorite events or activities. 

Although painful, back pain is extremely common. This is why so many people seek options for back pain treatment in Kansas City. Nearly 8 out of 10 people encounter some degree of back pain in their lifetime. Pain in the lower back results in millions of visits to the emergency room annually. It is also the number one complaint of disability filers across the world. 

There are several options for treating back pain, many associated with home remedies, but a holistic approach and a combination of chiropractic care, physio rehab, and regenerative medicine may be effective.

In addition to back pain treatment in Kansas City, consider these options for relief.

  • Eat foods that don’t cause inflammation. The consumption of anti-inflammatory foods could prevent a category of health issues, including pain in the back area. The body produces inflammation as a protection mechanism against other issues but can cause pain in the back. 
  • Enhance your calcium intake. Because pain in the back can be a result of ailments that are impacting the strength and density of the bones, it is important to ensure that the calcium intake is adequate. 
  • Be more active. It can be hard to move around when fighting back pain, but it’s good for the muscles. Sitting or lying down for extended periods of time could aggravate the pain and make it worse. Strength training and flexibility bends can efficiently reduce the onset of pain in the back.

At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we offer integrative treatment options for a wide category of issues, including back pain. We specialize in creating customized treatment plans for each patient to help deliver relief that lasts because we address the source of your problem and chronic pain. If you’re ready to address the root cause of your back pain, call our office to schedule a free consultation.

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