chiropractic care during pregnancy

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Pregnancy can be a life-changing, rewarding, and once-in-a-lifetime experience for many mothers. It can also be painful, stressful, and difficult. During a pregnancy, mothers-in-waiting may experience a myriad of symptoms, including morning sickness, aches and back pain, changes in skin, cramps, swelling, varicose veins, fatigue, headaches, and more. The end result is often worth all of these obstacles. But what if they didn’t need to be obstacles in the first place? That’s where we can help.

Visiting a chiropractor can be a safe, natural, and effective way to help keep your body healthy and functioning as optimally as it can, even during the changes associated with pregnancy. LifeWorks Integrative Health has several experienced chiropractors in Shawnee and Overland Park who are here to help you regain control of your body and health, which can lead to a more pleasant pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Regular adjustments by a chiropractor are safe, beneficial, and effective, allowing you to restore and maintain your balance and alignment.

At its core, chiropractic care directly affects the body’s musculoskeletal structures by increasing joint motion and reducing pain in problem areas like the back, neck, and joints. Of course, the benefits of visiting a chiropractor for back pain are well documented, but did you know that chiropractic care can also aid in benefiting the central nervous system as well? All of these benefits can directly aid in the comfortability and ease the stresses of your pregnancy. Here’s how:

Back Pain Treatment

One of the most common (and peskiest) symptoms of pregnancy is back pain. As your baby grows and gets heavier, so too will your belly. This added weight in the form of your future bundle of joy can wreak havoc on your spine and more. Fortunately, one of the most common specialties of a chiropractor is back pain treatment! A chiropractor can help adjust the curve of your spine, placement of your hips and pelvis, and help you maintain proper posture even as your belly expands.

Reduce Nausea

Visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis during your pregnancy can also keep some of the other unwelcome symptoms at bay. This includes things like nausea and vomiting, which happens to be one of the most experienced and complained about byproducts of pregnancy. The American Pregnancy Association estimates that up to 70 percent of mothers-to-be experience nausea at one point or another during their pregnancy, particularly early on. It can be uncomfortable and annoying, but it can also be mitigated through chiropractic care. As we mentioned, adjustments by a chiropractor can affect your central nervous system and help your body stay in control and functioning properly. Nausea can sometimes be a result of pain or even pinched nerves caused by misaligned vertebrae, which means a chiropractic adjustment can remedy your spine and therefore lead to less sickness.

Improve Alignment

We know that chiropractic care can aid in the alignment of your spine, but it can also assist with proper alignment of your hips and pelvis. Pelvic alignment is crucial for the baby’s development and positioning, and an improper alignment of your hips or lower spine can cause the baby to go sideways, posterior, or even breech. This will complicate your labor and delivery significantly. However, with adjustments from a chiropractor, you can ensure that everything is aligned properly and your baby not only has sufficient space to develop, but proper positioning. This can lead to shorter labor times and prevent the need for a breech delivery or C-section.

Healthy Body And Spirit

In addition to all of the physical benefits of visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy, you can experience overall holistic wellness and happiness. Since chiropractic care helps your central nervous system so much, your body will work at the optimal level at which it was designed.

Chiropractor In Shawnee

At LifeWorks Integrative Health in Shawnee and Overland Park, we have experienced chiropractors at the ready who are available to aid you with your pregnancy. Our doctors are caring and passionate about restoring and maintaining your health and wellness through chiropractic methods. If you’re looking a chiropractor in the Kansas City area, look no further. Contact LifeWorks Integrative Health today to learn how we can help you!

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