Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor 

Benefits of Seeing a ChiropractorIt is not uncommon for the average adult to experience physical fatigue. Many people lack exercise and proper nutrition. We live in a world of technology and much of our mental stimulation comes from electronics, such as computers, iPads or tablets, cell phones, television, and video games. For many, life is busy and fast food is convenient. We underestimate the effect that these things have on our physical and mental health. In seeking treatment from a Shawnee KS chiropractor, you can dramatically improve your physical and mental health.

Chiropractic medicine is considered holistic because it looks at the whole person. All aspects of the person’s lifestyle are considered and addressed. It is true that the basis of chiropractic intervention is the alignment of the skeletal system, specifically the spine. However, the practice is much more than that. The philosophy and methods that many chiropractors adhere to are such that in aligning the musculoskeletal system, all other bodily systems, including neurological, will follow suit. Therefore, in aligning all systems, a person’s physical and mental health should reach optimal functioning.

What to Expect from Your First Visit

You will be asked to fill out paperwork that requires detailed information about your body, including any pain, past or current injuries and overall health of the individual. Then, the chiropractor will conduct an interview and ask you questions about your physical functioning and nutrition. He or she will also conduct a visual evaluation of your posture and alignment prior to any adjustments.

What to Expect from the Adjustments

Each chiropractor has his or her own set of techniques for providing adjustments. Some use the more widely known technique of body manipulation where the patient is arranged in a specific position and the chiropractor applies a controlled yet forceful “shock” to get the joints back into alignment. With the body manipulation technique, you may hear a popping noise, especially in the spine and neck.

There is another technique that is commonly referred to as spinal mobilization. Spinal mobilization is a more gentle adjustment of the spine such as utilizing a specialized table to absorb the shock. Some people prefer this method as it is not as intense and may be more appropriate for people with severe conditions such as osteoporosis or a recent injury that is severely painful.  In general, it is up to the individual which method they prefer. It is recommended that you do your research and decide what you are most comfortable with.

Ongoing Chiropractic Plan and Nutrition

Each chiropractic plan depends on the individual and his or her reason for seeking chiropractic intervention. For example, recovery from an injury will be specific to the injury and other parts of the body that might be affected by the injury. Whereas, if the individual suffers from back pain as a result of working at a desk all day, the treatment plan will reflect the best course of treatment for an ongoing occurrence. In addition, many chiropractors are trained in nutrition and can help guide his or her patient in the best nutritional plan for his or her lifestyle and preferences.

Each person has a unique set of physical needs and comfort levels. The diverse techniques associated with the field of chiropractic medicine allows for each individual to receive the type of treatment that best suits his or her needs. Additionally, the holistic approach inherent in the chiropractic approach incorporates physical, mental and nutritional health leading to improved quality of life.

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