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If you have a pinched nerve, undoubtedly you are in tremendous pain and would like relief as soon as possible. If you wish to avoid surgery or taking strong prescription medications to alleviate your pain, treatment by a Shawnee KS chiropractor from LifeWorks Integrative Health may be an ideal option. To learn if chiropractic treatments are a viable solution for addressing your pinched nerve, call us to schedule an exam with our chiropractic doctor.


A chiropractor’s approach to treating patients is an understanding that the body can heal itself. By addressing misalignments of the musculoskeletal structure, the root cause of many problems can be treated. In this way, the patient can heal without the use of prescription medication or surgery.

What is a pinched nerve?

A pinched nerve is a descriptive phrase used to describe the subluxation or misalignment of the spine which in turn causes pressure on a nerve or nerve irritation. Moving, turning, or twisting the vertebral column in a way that is not normal for the body can lead to a pinched nerve. Injuries are another common cause. A pinched nerve can cause severe neck or back pain. Your chiropractor in Shawnee KS can diagnose your condition and determine if you are suffering from a pinched nerve, and if so, how best to treat it.

What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve?

The symptoms will vary from one patient to the next. However, as a chiropractor from LifeWorks Integrative Health might tell you, there are several common symptoms. They include:

  •         Pain
  •         Numbness in the feet or hands
  •         Body soreness
  •         Burning sensation or tingling in the feet, legs, neck, shoulders, arms, or back

Diagnosis of a Pinched Nerve

When a chiropractor from LifeWorks Integrative Health examines you to determine if you have a pinched nerve, the diagnosis process involves several steps. You may undergo any of the following:

  •         A physical, neurological, and orthopedic examination
  •         An x-ray to determine the location and extent of the subluxation

How does a Shawnee KS chiropractor treat a pinched nerve?

Again, this may vary somewhat from one patient to the next depending on their condition and the cause of the pinched nerve, but you can expect the chiropractor to adjust the patient’s spine. This is usually only a slight adjustment using applied force the affected part of the spine in order to shift it into proper alignment. This, in turn, frees the pinched nerve or nerves. Once the nerve is released in this way it can once again communicate with the brain to allow normal, pain-free movement.

In addition, your chiropractor doctor may recommend any of the following:

  •         Improved diet with an emphasis on proper nutrition
  •         Regular and appropriate amounts and types of exercise
  •         Correct posture

Meet Our Chiropractor

If you are suffering from a pinched nerve, chiropractic treatment may be an effective remedy for your condition. Call us today to make an appointment for an exam and diagnosis. At LifeWorks Integrative Health, our chiropractor Shawnee KS trusts can determine if your pinched nerve can be effectively resolved through the use of chiropractic treatments.