Disease Timeline

When do you go see your doctor? Most people tell go to their doctor when they have a pain, symptom, or some condition going on in their body. That approach to health is very degenerative. Let us explain it by looking at the disease timeline. The disease timeline is the time when disease starts in your body to when the disease ends.

Stem Cell Doctor

The Future of Arthritis

Stem Cell Doctor Shawnee KS

The future of medicine is intensely personal. From personalized cancer therapies specific to a person’s genetic code to supplement and lifestyle plans specific to results from comprehensive lab testing. Gone are the days (or so we hope) of standard protocols implemented the same for everyone. Among the most emerging and promising individualized therapies is regenerative therapy.  

Knee Pain Doctor Shawnee KS 

Holes in the Theory of Osteoporosis Treatment

Knee Pain Doctor Shawnee KS 

The International Osteoporosis Foundation projects that by 2020, 61 million Americans will be affected by osteoporosis. This does not include those who will be diagnosed with osteopenia, the less severe bone condition. Bone health is an area of ongoing research and of course, debate. The use of bone forming medications like Fosamax and the longstanding recommendation of increasing calcium intake through food and supplements both deserve a fresh look through the lens of knee pain doctor who practices functional medicine.


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