Migraine Treatment in Kansas City

Migraine Treatment in Kansas City: How a Chiropractor Can Help

A throbbing head. Pain in the neck and eyes. Nausea. Blurred Vision. Visual Auras. These are all common symptoms associated with migraines – a condition that affects millions of people in the United States.

Debilitating head pain not only interrupts your daily schedule, but it can be hard to know where to turn if you are ready to be done with this chronic issue.

Treatment for Neuropathy in Feet

Treatment for Neuropathy in Feet | 5 Ways to Heal Neuropathy Damage

Weakness, tingling, and pain in the feet can all be signs of neuropathy, which can lead to serious health issues in the future. If you suspect nerve damage, then it’s smart to seek immediate treatment for neuropathy in feet. The longer you wait to talk to a doctor, the higher risk of irreversible damage.

Common Recommendations: Treatment for Neuropathy in Feet

These are some of the most common medical recommendations for neuropathy:

  1.  Over the Counter and Prescription Medications: In the early stages of neuropathy,
neck pain relief Kansas City

Working From Home? Top Office Tips to Help Neck Pain Relief in Kansas City

With the recent worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, more and more Americans find themselves working from home. While some states have started the re-opening process, many residents in the Kansas City area are still working from home either on a part-time or full-time basis. There are plenty of makeshift home offices that look like anything but what you had at work before the pandemic and you may have noticed that you have more pain in your neck and back than you did before working from home.

integrative health center in shawnee kansas 

3 Reasons to Visit an Integrative Health Center in Shawnee, Kansas

While we all know that seeing your doctor on a regular basis can help improve your overall health, there are situations when you need something a little different than the status quo. Regular visits to your primary care physician are important, but what if you want a different kind of care? Plenty of patients seek out other medical offices that offer alternative forms of care with big results.

chiropractic care in Kansas city 

Young Professionals: Benefits from Chiropractic Care in Kansas City

Daily life looks very different today than it did even just a few generations ago. Things that were done by hand years ago are now part of a vast online network that requires many of us to connect to devices. This change in how we work has increased the need for spinal hygiene. More and more people are crouched over their desks or devices for more minutes each day than we care to acknowledge.

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