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Neuropathy Treatment Shawnee KS | How to Find Quality Care

Neuropathy Treatment Shawnee KS | Neuropathy is linked to several causes. In addition to a full physical examination which includes, an accurate diagnosis can only be made after a complete medical history and a neuro exam. Review of the medical history examines lifestyle, habits, family history of certain illnesses and diseases and the risk of exposure to foreign subjects or toxins.

Neuropathy Relief Shawnee KS

Neuropathy Relief Shawnee, KS | Diabetics Seek Effective Treatment Options for Neuropathy

Neuropathy Relief Shawnee KS | Some diabetics are diagnosed with severe nerve damage that develops as a result of continuously elevated levels of blood sugar. Its onset usually develops and worsens over extended periods of time. Some cases have even taken decades to fully surface. This serious complication can impact type 1 and 2 diabetics.

Chiropractic Care

Why Regenerative Therapy May Be Right For You

How To Know If Regenerative Therapy Is Right For You

Regenerative Therapy | Are you dealing with chronic pain? Living with constant pain often means living in a cycle of pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and cortisone shots. Unfortunately these medications do not heal or solve the root cause. In fact these treatments often lead to prolonged pain,

Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

Problems With Standard Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

Problems with Standard Neuropathy Treatment

Many people live with neuropathy pain for far too long before finding the solutions that work best for them. Standard treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy does absolutely nothing at the places nerve pain or damage is actually occurring. Yes, you read that correctly. It is shocking that the treatment most commonly offered are medications that only trick the brain and don’t solve the problem.

How Food and Function Work Together to Solve Your Pain

How Food and Function Work Together To Solve Your Pain

Did you know there are 2 sides to neuropathy? Neuropathy needs to be tackled from an internal and external perspective. LifeWorks Integrative health does both. Neuropathy is caused by damage to nerves and the blood vessels that support nerves. One of the primary causes of nerves damage is inflammation. In most people inflammation comes from a compounding effect of a variety of health issues like chronic disease,

Peripheral Neuropathy and Statins: A Dangerous Combo

Peripheral Neuropathy and Statins: A Dangerous Combo

Statin drugs are the most commonly prescribed drug in the United States and rates are growing worldwide. Over the past 30 years, since the development of statins the recommended levels of cholesterol continue to be lowered to where it is not uncommon to see physicians aiming for total cholesterol levels of 170 or lower. The controversy over the use of statins and ideal cholesterol levels is a discussion all its own,

what is neuropathy

What is Neuropathy?

What is neuropathy? How are the two types of neuropathy different? Where does Neuropathy come from? And How do you treat the underlying cause of neuropathy rather than masking the symptoms as the condition continues to progress? If you are suffering from the painful symptoms of neuropathy, then these are just a few of the questions you may have.

drug free solution neuropathy

Neuropathy Treatment Done Right | A Drug Free Solution to Peripheral Neuropathy

Standard Treatment Pitfalls & A Better Option

Many people live with neuropathy pain for far too long before finding the solutions that work best for them. The most commonly Neuropathy treatment offered includes medications that trick the brain into not perceiving pain, while the disease itself (which is causing the pain) continues to progress.

causes of neuropathy

Causes of Neuropathy You Didn’t Know

By now, you’re probably familiar with what neuropathy is and the symptoms of it, but what causes Neuropathy? The most well known causes of neuropathy are a complication of diabetes and a side effect of some types of chemotherapy. However many people have neuropathy for a variety of other reasons. These other reasons are often overlooked until they are quite severe because you just may not be looking for symptoms of neuropathy.

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