Regenerative Therapy in Shawnee, KS

Regenerative Therapy in Shawnee, KS | Integrated Health Support

One of the reasons why chiropractic care is a popular choice for pain management is because these services work with natural functions in the body – promoting healing and optimal functions. When you choose comprehensive care from an experienced team, you have access to a variety of services, including chiropractic adjustments and regenerative therapy in Shawnee,

Regenerative Therapy Kansas City KS

Regenerative Therapy in Kansas City KS: How It Can Help Your Joints

Regenerative Therapy in Kansas City KS: How It Can Help Your Joints

Joint pain is a constant and often daily issue for many Americans. While you have tried over the counter pills, prescriptions, and every kind of strength exercise under the sun, many patients still struggle with some form of joint pain. A new type of technology has entered the medical field resulting in pain-free patients who have struggled with joint main.

Back Pain Treatment Kansas City

Back Pain Treatment Kansas City | Non-Surgical Options for Back Pain

Living with persistent back pain can be excruciating and interrupt your responsibilities and hobbies. The pain may occur in the lower back, neck, spasms, or at the point of the sciatic nerve causing you to seek non-surgical back pain treatment in Kansas City. Wherever it may strike, it can prevent you from carrying out your responsibilities or participating in some of your favorite events or activities. 

 Inflammation and Health | The Connection Between Health and Inflammation

 Inflammation and Health | The Connection Between Health and Inflammation

Inflammation and Health | Researchers have identified inflammation as one of the most beneficial and harmful processes in your body. How is that possible? Well, acute inflammation is your body’s natural repair and healing response to an accident or injury. However, chronic inflammation is a different matter.

sciatica relief shawnee, ks

Sciatica Relief Shawnee KS | Holistic Sciatica Treatment: An Alternative and Effective Option

Sciatic Relief Shawnee KS | Advancements in technology and ongoing research are leading to constant new discoveries about the human body. Sciatica treatment that focuses on the underlying cause of the pain or problem area is an effective approach that provides sciatica relief in Shawnee, KS. This new holistic treatment is an alternative treatment option that delivers relief for a variety of painful conditions,

Chiropractic Care

Why Regenerative Therapy May Be Right For You

How To Know If Regenerative Therapy Is Right For You

Regenerative Therapy | Are you dealing with chronic pain? Living with constant pain often means living in a cycle of pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and cortisone shots. Unfortunately these medications do not heal or solve the root cause. In fact these treatments often lead to prolonged pain,

Is Your Pain Medicine Increasing Your Risk for Death?

Is Your Pain Medicine Increasing Your Risk for Death?

Arthritis Doctor Shawnee KS

The arthritis epidemic continues and the disease and death associated with it continue as well. A conservative estimate is 54 million adults suffer from arthritis and that rate is expected to increase to 78 million by 2040. A primary, first-line therapy in the conventional medical model is the use of NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) drugs and when those fail,

How Food and Function Work Together to Solve Your Pain

How Food and Function Work Together To Solve Your Pain

Did you know there are 2 sides to neuropathy? Neuropathy needs to be tackled from an internal and external perspective. LifeWorks Integrative health does both. Neuropathy is caused by damage to nerves and the blood vessels that support nerves. One of the primary causes of nerves damage is inflammation. In most people inflammation comes from a compounding effect of a variety of health issues like chronic disease,

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