Slow Metabolism

A popular question many people ask is, “why does your metabolism slow down as we age?” I remember when I was young back in my teenager years and in my early 20s. Back then I could eat just about anything and get away with it and I’d be able to keep my weight very stable.

Disease Timeline

When do you go see your doctor? Most people tell go to their doctor when they have a pain, symptom, or some condition going on in their body. That approach to health is very degenerative. Let us explain it by looking at the disease timeline. The disease timeline is the time when disease starts in your body to when the disease ends.


Let’s talk about forward head posture and what it means. Forward head posture is when your head is forward, out in front of the shoulders. I want you to pay attention to this because your kids’ health depends on it along with yours. Your kids and our kids are the future of our health and future of our country so we want to make sure we take care of them,

Silent Epidemic: Osteoarthritis

Silent Epidemic: Osteoarthritis 

There is a silent epidemic that is affecting almost all Americans today.  It is the epidemic that is causing pain. It is the epidemic that is silent and people don’t know about it until it is too late.  This is osteoarthritis.

The reality is 96% of adults around 80 years old will have developed arthritis in their life,