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Benefits of chiropractic care for athletes

Sports medicine and rehab medicine are their own specialties with powerful and effective care for athletes. Chiropractic care is, by many, considered a part of sports medicine because of the benefits it can offer any level of athlete. Chiropractic adjustments enhance the effectiveness of all other types of sports medicine. Because the benefits of rehab and adjustments combined are so powerful, we have both at LifeWorks Integrative Health. Our rehab team specializes in getting you back to the activities you love and keeping you doing them, not struggling with recurring injuries.

Chiropractic adjustments have been part of elite sports teams for years. All professional football teams, most major league baseball teams, and the Olympic training sports medicine each utilize chiropractors to keep their athletes healthy and doing the sport they were made to do. Chiropractic adjustments need to be utilized for concussion, neck pain, back pain, shin splints, muscle pain, runners knee, tennis elbow and more. When using chiropractic care for these types of injuries and discomforts you have a natural healing option that is non-invasive, drug free, and supporting the health of your entire body even when directed toward a specific injury.

Chiropractic care for athletes can:

  • Prevent injury and reinjury
  • Improve range of motion, balance, coordination, and energy
  • Promote faster healing
  • Avoid side effects and addictive properties of prescription medications
  • Lessen the need for surgical interventions

Chiropractic adjustments and strength

Did you know chiropractic adjustments have been shown to increase strength in muscles? A 2006 study showed increased muscle strength in leg muscles after chiropractic adjustment. Another study measured electric activity in arms and legs before, during and after adjustments. What was found was an increase in cortical drive after the adjustments. The brain powers movement because the brain and muscles have to communicate. Adjustments activate the mechanoreceptors which the nerve signaling from the brain to muscles.

Part of building strength is making sure the nervous system has strong signaling from the muscles to the brain. The spine, through the nervous system is the primary messaging pathway of these signals from brain to muscles.

Prevent injuries with chiropractic care

Any athlete at any level runs the risk of an injury that would prevent you from doing the activity or sport you love. This can be anything from concussions, neck pain, back pain, tennis elbow, runners knee, shin splints and muscle pain all the way to more serious injuries like breaks and tears. Plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and IT Band Syndrome are common sports related injuries that can be improved and often even solved by chiropractic adjustments and rehab.

Chiropractic care has consistently shown to improve balance, coordination, strength and range of motion. Most sports injuries are caused by a deficiency or weak spot in one of these areas. When muscles are weak or tight in certain areas, those areas are primed for injury. Not only can chiropractic care help to prevent injury, but can also promote faster healing and provide non-invasive, drug free options.

These concepts apply to the walker, to the casual runner, to an elite or professional athlete. Your body needs all the support it can get in staying balanced and aligned to promote correct movement. The team at LifeWorks Integrative Health knows sports and sports injuries. We also know that preventing injury is the best way to deal with injuries, so come see us before you need us. We are here to keep you well, keep you moving and keep you doing the sports and activities you love. If you are injured or in pain from sports related movement, get your comprehensive assessment done a chiropractor in Shawnee KS so you can get better faster.

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