Diabetes Doctor Overland Park KS

Diabetes Doctor Overland Park KS

diabetes doctor Overland Park KSMany people who have diabetes will first ask their primary care physician to help them to manage the condition. However, primary care physicians typically treat a broad range of issues and do not specialize in one specific thing or another. Although they have a lot of general experience, they may not have in-depth experience in just one condition. As a result, you might be limited in terms of treatment options. This is one reason it is common for a primary care physician to refer their patients to a specialist. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you may want to ask a diabetes doctor that Overland Park, KS trusts to help you from LifeWorks Integrative Health.

As the rates of diabetes continue to soar, your diabetes care matters now more than ever, which is why you need the diabetes doctor Overland Park KS knows can get the job done. Whether you are able to control your blood sugar with diet and exercise or if you rely on medications to maintain normal blood glucose levels, we can help you get to the next level of health. Although diabetes is a well understood disease with a variety of treatment options, there are still far too many people with blood sugar levels out of optimal range. This is because the disease is often reduced to carbohydrate intake and medication levels with little regard for how inflammation affects the whole body.

Diabetes as Inflammation

A diabetes doctor that Overland Park KS can rely on refuses to treat diabetes as anything but a disease of inflammation. Diabetes is more than eating fewer carbs and taking a medication. Without considering other aspects of inflammation, you are at high risk for heart disease and autoimmune conditions, even if your blood sugars are relatively well managed. Diabetes is a symptom of inflammation, therefore the root causes of inflammation differ from one person to the next and need to be addressed. Managing blood glucose levels through diet, exercise and medications are imperative, of course, but it is only part of the diabetes picture. The diabetes doctor Overland Park KS patients trust treats your diabetes as an inflammatory based disease using comprehensive lab data, your health history, and a variety of treatment modalities to reduce inflammation. Diabetes is more than simply carbohydrates raising blood sugar, and therefore causing inflammation. This does occur, but it is also true that inflammation from any source raises blood sugar. It is even becoming more widely considered that diabetes, even type 2 diabetes, is an autoimmune condition. This means your body is creating antibodies to your pancreas causing your body to mount an immune/attack response to itself. Standard, conventional diabetes care does not address this element of diabetes which is one reason people come to LifeWorks Integrative Health for their diabetes care. The diabetes doctor Overland Park KS needs is one who not only understands all the reasons diabetes develops, but also the variety of ways it can be successfully managed without medications.   

The Diabetes Care You Need

A high stress job, stressful relationships, poor sleep, and even over exercising can all contribute to inflammation in the body making it difficult to have optimal blood glucose levels. This is why LifeWorks Integrative Health considers the whole you when treating your diabetes. The diabetes care you need is more in depth, more comprehensive and more personalized than most of the standard options provided. In addition, many diabetes medications create additional health problems. A diabetes doctor Overland  Park KS residents can trust knows that having controlled blood sugar, but new detrimental health issues is not improving your health or reducing your health risk. It is simply trading one risk factor for another. By the time you get to the level of needing insulin to control blood sugars, a serious look at your diabetes care needs to happen. The need for insulin puts extra stress on the body and contributes to weight gain. Weight gain is generally associated with poor blood glucose levels, so you may end up in a dangerous cycle of needing more insulin, insulin causing weight gain, weight gain causing higher blood sugar levels, needing more insulin… and so on. The diabetes doctor Overland Park KS counts on will aim for this cycle to never start.  

Why See a Diabetes Doctor for Your Diabetes

Your primary care physician has recommended you see one. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, your primary care physician may recommend you see a diabetes doctor in Overland Park, KS to confirm the diagnosis and help you to manage the condition.

Your primary care physician has limited experience or is not helping you. If your current doctor has not treated many people with diabetes or you feel he or she is not listening to your needs or symptoms, it may be a good idea to see a specialist.

You are struggling to manage your diabetes. Diabetes is not always easy to manage. Whether you don’t understand the condition or you are having a hard time managing it, an Overland Park, Kansas diabetes doctor can help.

You’ve experienced complications. If, since your diagnosis, you have developed further complications, it is important you do not waste time. See a diabetes doctor as soon as possible. Examples of complications include vision problems, open sores on the feet, nerve or kidney problems, or uncontrollable blood sugar levels.

Conventional treatment is not working for you. Your primary care physician may be doing the very best he or she can; however, standard treatments don’t always work. An experienced Overland Park, KS diabetes doctor can utilize a number of treatments, using allopathic and naturopathic methods, to help you get in control of your diabetes.

You take three or more insulin injections every day. The more challenging your diabetes is, the more likely your treatments will become. You might take multiple insulin injections throughout the day or be unable to control the condition. A diabetes doctor can ensure you are getting the best recommendations for your situation.

Primary care doctors can only do so much in terms of effectively treating diabetes. If you are feeling like diabetes is complicated or unmanageable, it may be a good time to speak with a diabetes doctor. If you’re ready to do so, call LifeWorks Integrative Health to schedule an appointment with a diabetes doctor in Overland Park, KS.

Our diabetes care takes inflammation seriously and works diligently to reduce inflammation. We monitor a variety of lab values beyond only glucose and Hgb A1C to be sure we are managing inflammation. We also help you find the eating plan that works best for you. Many people are surprised that the kinds of carbohydrates they eat are more important than only the number of carbohydrates. Too many people are led to believe that a slice of bread is the same as 3/4 cup of blueberries when it comes to blood sugar management. Yes, both have about 15g carbohydrates, but how your body processes and utilizes those carbohydrates is actually quite different and produced profoundly different health results. The diabetes doctor Overland Park KS residents rely on for optimal diabetes care is the team at LifeWorks Integrative Health.