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Dynamic Duo: rehab and regenerative therapy

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Insight on the Dynamic Duo: rehab + regenerative therapy

Stem Cell Doctor Shawnee KSImagine having such nagging or debilitating pain that you cannot do normal daily functions like raise your arm to fix your hair, or climb stairs, or hold a pen to write. These are some of the injuries with which our clients, as a skilled Shawnee, KS stem cell doctor, were suffering before coming to us for regenerative therapy. Imagine having daily pain that within two to three weeks is 99% gone. Imagine a solution for joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and even finger pain. Imagine being as active as you want to be. Imagine feeling better as you get older, not progressively worse. Imagine taking fewer medications as you age, not more. You are not imagining the impossible!  You have just imagined what we do on a daily basis for the amazing people who come to us for help for their pain.

As a stem cell doctor in Shawnee KS, we have people come to us for a variety of types of pain and a common story is that an injury or a small ache continued to worsen over time causing the person to adjust and modify their daily activities to compensate. People who enjoy being active find themselves slowing down, getting out less, planning less activities that require movement, and unable to do the things they enjoy with the people they care about. Now playing with grandkids, taking vacations, playing golf, cooking, bike riding, walking, and even cleaning the house painful events that require medications and ample rest days after. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone, and we have recipe to improve your pain. Because of regenerative medicine and rehab available from a stem cell doctor in Shawnee KS at LifeWorks Integrative Health, age and injury do not have to slow you down.

What Is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy is an umbrella term for stem cell and human tissue products which aid in repairing cells or tissues, as an experienced Shawnee, KS stem cell doctor can explain. The results are amazing, the safety is high and when done within a functional medicine model, the relief is lasting. As we age, cells that make up the bone, cartilage and surrounding tissues take longer to heal and do not heal as well. Consider that when a toddler breaks a bone, it only takes about two weeks to heal compared with a middle-aged person who can expect 8-12+ weeks for a bone to heal. Regenerative therapy repairs and supports many of the same declining functions of a person’s cells or tissues that are not able to heal from age and injury.

Regenerative therapy is human cells and tissue products administered to the injured tissue to speed, stimulate and supplement the body’s own ability to heal. We offer three types of regenerative therapy that can show immediate relief and continue an increase in relief for many months after the initial treatment. This means your pain will continue to improve for months after your treatment and that level of improvement will remain when appropriate measures are taken to correct the biomechanical imbalances that contributed to the pain in the first place.

Types of Regenerative Therapy

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): this therapy uses the person’s own plasma which is processed in real time to separate the components beneficial for healing tissue then re-injected into the damaged tissue. PRP does not have stem cells in it, but rather contains primarily cytokines that act like fertilizer to jumpstart the healing process and stimulate tissues to heal more like they were designed and less like the aged, damaged tissues they are when injured. Cytokines are cell signalling molecules used throughout the whole body. They help cells communicate during illness and injury to send the correct type of cells towards inflammation, infection and trauma to heal. There are different types of cytokines that different tissues rely on to heal tissue. PRP specifically is able to deploy general cytokines, growth factor cytokines, scaffolding cytokines, and homeostatic cytokines to the injured tissue in which it is administered to begin repairing the damaged tissue.
  2. Amniotic Fluid: similar to PRP, there are not stem cells in amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid comes from the healthy births of consenting mothers who request/agree their healthy, powerful amniotic fluid be used for this type of therapy. Amniotic fluid is, obviously, the youngest source of growth factor available, therefore it can provide powerful repairing power. The reason an injury in a two year old heals substantially quicker than that of a 65 year old is because of the age of the cells. This treatment is derived from the extracellular matrix (fluid) of the amniotic membrane. It is processed to preserve cytokines, growth factors and scaffolding proteins each of which the body uses in repair and regeneration of damaged tissue.
  3. Stem Cells: although there are three types of stem cells available, LifeWorks Integrative Health only uses Umbilical Cord cells (UC). See below for in depth review of different types of cells. UC cells are, in our opinion, the best and most efficient type of stem cells. This therapy have high levels of viable mesenchymal stem cells which is the type of cells that make up the bone, cartilage, muscle, and surrounding tissues. High levels of cytokines with mesenchymal stem cells is how new tissue can be generated through regenerative therapy. This provides healing to injured areas and new growth in areas where age and injury have not left enough fluid, cartilage, bone, etc for proper, pain free movement. The reason pain relief continues to improve over many months after treatment is that these stem cells with cytokine signaling are growing into new healthy tissue in the injured area.

Types of Stem Cells

There are three types of regenerative medicine, explained above. Within the category of stem cells, there are three types of cells used for medical purposes. Below will review some of the differences in each type.

Umbilical Cord

  • No painful or time consuming extraction process
  • Young source of cells
  • Less expensive
  • Clinically more effective
  • Highest cell proliferation
  • Lower markers of senescence (no longer capable of dividing but still alive and metabolically active)
  • Lower inflammation markers

Bone Marrow

  • Painful extraction process since person’s own bone marrow used
  • Older stem cells (higher senescence)
  • More time consuming, labor intensive and expensive due to bone marrow extraction and reinjection into area of injury/pain
  • Higher inflammation markers


  • Less painful extraction process than bone marrow, but takes extra time
  • Proliferate source of cells
  • Older stem cells  (higher senescence)
  • Higher inflammation markers

The body is innately intelligent for which we are so grateful. This innate intelligence paired with the advances in science and technology in regenerative therapies create an invaluable way to promote healing to specific areas where it is needed.

What is Different about LifeWorks Integrative Health?

There are many types of medical offices that offer regenerative therapy. However they rarely assess and correct any underlying improper biomechanics causing or contributing to your pain. What we mean by improper biomechanics is the cumulative wear and tear on joints and muscles from trauma and injury that happens over time.

As an experienced stem cell doctor in Shawnee, KS, LifeWorks Integrative Health combines rehab, chiropractic adjustment and regenerative therapy to get your pain improved quickly, and for improvement to last. There is no doubt that regenerative therapy works and works exceptionally well at relieving pain, but what if that pain comes from chronic, repetitive improper movements? If this is the case, likely the pain will come back again in some form or in a nearby location. This is because when biomechanical movements are not correct, the body must compensate for the improper movement. This puts stress and strain on muscles, joints and connective tissues like cartilage.

Often these improper movements begin as a result of an injury but when the compensating movement does not get corrected as the injury heals, new areas surrounding the injury are left vulnerable. Consider an ankle sprain that causes you to walk with a limp while it heals. The limping is an improper biomechanical movement- the body was not designed to move that way. This puts added strain on the knee and hip where it was not designed to carry added weight and movement. Perhaps your ankle heals quickly, but now your hip on the opposite leg begins to hurt. The same compensating movements occur when the spine is not aligned. An poorly aligned spine causes muscles to experience stress in ways they were not designed.

This is why we have developed our comprehensive approach to pain. We combine the effective, proven, benefits of regenerative therapy with highly trained rehab staff to assess and correct the compensating biomechanical movements that naturally develop over time. Without rehab therapy alongside regenerative therapy, you risk spending money to have amazing results that are only temporary. Or, you soon need regenerative therapy in another area of the body close to the original site because you never corrected the underlying biomechanics. At the end of the day, our hope is you don’t need us again after regenerative therapy and rehab. It may be poor business strategy for you to not need us, but we are in the business of real healing, not symptom management that keeps you chasing one ailment after another.

In all our years of experience and education, it is our opinion that addressing pain using only regenerative therapy, is still only treating the symptom. The pain is gone, but nothing has been done to fix the wear and tear of cumulative trauma that happens over time. We believe this is where we are set apart from other “pop up” regenerative therapy options available. Yes, you will see incredible changes quickly with only regenerative therapy, but the underlying issue will come up again if not corrected. There is nothing better than watching our people get real pain relief, but don’t sell yourself short by not including the rehab needed to strengthen and retrain the surrounding muscles that will make that pain relief last. Call a skilled stem cell doctor in Shawnee, KS today. We cannot wait to see you!

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