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How Long Does It Take to Recover from Whiplash?2022-04-05T13:29:36-06:00

This depends largely on the severity of your injury as well as individual characteristics. Some grade 1 and 2 cases can expect to experience significant relief within a year of the injury, but other research shows that up to 50% of whiplash patients develop chronic problems. It’s been proven that patients who suffer from PTSD increased the likelihood of whiplash patients experiencing chronic symptoms. Unfortunately, chronic symptoms from whiplash can last up to 10 years after an injury. It’s important to see a professional and assess the best form of treatment to decrease the likelihood of chronic symptoms.

Can I Safely Exercise After An Auto Accident?2022-04-05T13:28:41-06:00

Countless studies point to the benefits of exercise after an auto accident. Specific neck exercises, led by a trained therapist, increase the patient’s odds of recovery. After 6 months of treatment, 39-44% of patients had a significant reduction in pain, as opposed to 28% of those in a general exercise group. Bottom line: chiropractic care, physical therapy, and rehab therapy are beneficial for those who have suffered injuries from an auto accident.

How To Avoid Residual Neck Pain & Permanent Disability After An Auto Accident?2022-04-05T13:27:51-06:00

Neck pain is extremely common after an auto accident. Comprehensive treatment is crucial to reduce the risk of long-term effects from these injuries. 5% of patients suffer permanent disability from a car accident. Additionally, 5% of people have nagging symptoms 10 years after the accident.

How Do You Determine The Extent Of An Injury After An Auto Accident?2022-04-05T13:26:34-06:00

After an auto accident injuries may be hard to spot with the naked eye. Through medical imaging, Lifeworks can test and accurately picture the extent to any occurred damage. These include whiplash, disk problems, tears, and spinal cord injury.

What Whiplash Symptoms Should I Watch For?2022-04-05T13:25:27-06:00

Whiplash symptoms affect 3 million people and can last many months. These include fatigue, dizziness, neck pain, blurry vision, stiffness, and inability to move. Whiplash symptoms can be delayed. Seek treatment immediately after an accident.

What Is Alarming Crisis of Drugs And Opioids Costs?2022-04-05T13:24:22-06:00

In America, 40% of knee pain patients have been prescribed opioids. Opioids stop pain signals from reaching the brain as the body continues to break down. As officials begin to realize the severity of the crisis nothing is being done to fix it. 

Does Insurance Cover Integrative Medicines?2022-04-05T13:23:24-06:00

The answer to this question is yes and no. We use many standard procedures that are covered by insurance companies, but we also utilize therapies that are more progressive. We do not work for the insurance companies, but for our patients. We will work with you to determine what the best plan of care is for you, not your insurance company.

How Does LifeWorks Treat Peripheral Neuropathy?2022-04-05T13:22:12-06:00

The extent of damage to the nerves is the first step in creating a treatment plan. We focus on treating the root cause of nerve damage and not just masking the symptoms with medications. Our treatments are designed to restore the nerve’s vascular supply to help them function properly.

What Are Trigger Points And Where They Come From?2022-04-05T13:15:22-06:00

A trigger point is a knot in the muscle and is painful when pushed on. They develop when your muscles do jobs their not supposed to do.

How To Predict And Prevent Osteoarthritis?2022-04-05T13:14:29-06:00

Our approach to Arthritis is proactive and not reactive. By measuring the movements within the joints we can see which movements are normal and abnormal. Overtime, these abnormal movements will create degeneration of the joints and cause arthritis.

Ryan McElhaneyRyan McElhaney
14:15 01 Feb 22
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and resources. Made me feel so confident in my treatment plan and worked to help me get better and find long terms solutions.
Dirk MasonDirk Mason
17:43 27 Jan 22
When i came to lifeworks i was in bad shape as far as pain in the knees and hips but since I have had therapy Nick and Alexa's as well as others in therapy and my chiropractor and my nurse for the injections in my knee and Ambria and Taylor I have been so professional these past few weeks that I've been coming I've gotten stronger my knees feel better the pain is going away they make me feel like a new man can't wait till it's completely healed with the healing process has started thank you so much Life Works
Myrna CroanMyrna Croan
16:36 27 Jan 22
The neuropathy treatments are great and the shots all help the therapy is working great and everyone is so nice and helpful. I have been coming for several months. My foot that has the neuropathy in it no longer chases me to fall. Life Works is wonderful.
Burke BettisBurke Bettis
15:11 25 Jan 22
The staff is like family. Very helpful and caring. The PT puts you through you paces but with great concern about your well being.
Glenda DenhamGlenda Denham
15:05 29 Jul 21
The employees at Life works are the best. They care very much about you and are very serious about your well being. They are kind, considerate, fun which makes you glad to be there. They call you by name and if you are handicapped will help you like get[ng up from a chair, putting your shoes and socks on and tying your shoes for you. Sometimes if they see you coming they jump up and open the door for you with a smile.At this time in my treatments everything is so much better.

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