Fasting For Pain Relief and Inflammation

Fasting For Pain Relief and Inflammation

Fasting for pain relief and inflammation is an ancient method of dealing with issues like the common cold, joint pain, and minor skin irritations. Fasting as a dieting technique allows your body to rest and repair. It is likely to help you get relief from chronic pain and inflammation and boost the immune system.

Chronic pain comes because of health challenges, chronic inflammation, and other unknown reasons. Fasting protocol is a unique way to deliver excellent results in reducing lasting pain.

This article will offer you the best tips that aid the fasting protocol and successful pain relief.

Pain and Inflammation

Pain and inflammation always accompany each other. Inflammation is a technique that your body uses to protect you from challenges, including;

– Injuries

– Toxins

– Infections

– Among others

Inflammation is a segment in your immune system that plays an essential role in your health to promote a quick recovery. When inflammation becomes incurable, you must immediately seek assistance from a health expert.

Acute inflammation occurs because of the illness or severe injury. Other causes can be;

– Accidentally cutting yourself

– Mosquito bites, and

– Catching a cold to boost fast recovery.

Yet, it reduces with time and can disappear for some days. As a result, you may experience emotional and physical stress due to overwhelming issues.

Chronic Inflammation and Pain

Chronic inflammation may result in irritation and fatal inflammation. As a result, it accelerates the chronic pain risk and diseases such as;

– Metabolic syndrome

– Asthma

– Heart diseases, and

– Autoimmune diseases

You must adjust your lifestyle and have a proper diet since chronic inflammation can exist for years or even a lifetime.

Acute VS Chronic Pain

Pain always leads to the slowdown of your daily activities. It is always a warning sign or a form of protection. Similar to inflammation, pain can be chronic or acute.

Acute pain goes along with severe accidents, surgeries, and injuries, which take quite some time, like hours, days, or weeks as you recover.

Chronic pain is relatively continuous and can take months, years, or even a lifetime if you don’t resolve the issue. It can emerge due to incurable health conditions or worn-out injuries. The best remedy for the challenge is dietary and lifestyle adjustment to relieve the pain.

Fasting Protocol to Lower Inflammation

Fasting is a traditional approach with many benefits such as;

– Lower inflammation

– Aids cellular repair, and

– Boosts the immune system.

Fasting also increases the neutrophil’s function in the body, which is a considerable white cell.

When neutrophils are low, it can lead to depression, heart disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic fatigue. You must follow a fasting procedure to stimulate cellular autophagy. In addition, the fasting protocol promotes genetic repair in the body and improves the sensitivity of insulin to lower the risk of diseases.

Daily Intermittent Fasting Strategies


Intermittent fasting strategies come with different alternatives where you can choose the best for you according to your goals and health matters. You must commence with a short fast and proceed to strict control.

Starting with a simple prompt and a cycle fasting protocol is okay. In simple fasting, you do fasting for 12 hours a day. However, you have 16 hours of fasting in cycle fasting that you must perform a week. In addition, other Intermittent Fasting Strategies are fat, warrior, and intense fasting.

Ways to Perform Daily Intermittent Fasting Strategies


5-Day Water Fast

5-Day Water Fast is a better choice for you if you have experience in fasting and require extra relief. You will experience challenges such as fatigue and hunger at the start. However, you will gain more energy and have tremendous mental sharpness by the fifth day.

Preparing For the Fasting Procedure

When you do proper preparation, you will always obtain excellent results. When you are doing the fasting procedure, the body makes a lot of repair and metabolic adjustments. Drinking plenty of filtered water is essential. In addition, having a schedule with less stress, resting a lot, and accessing sunshine is crucial.

Latest supplements for fasting protocol

1. Proteo Enzymes: They play a pivotal role in supporting joint health and mobility and strengthening tissue integrity.

2. Inflam Defense: It aids the healthy inflammatory response protecting you against oxidation stress and promoting healthy circulation.

3. Turmeric: It has a curcumin compound antioxidant that reduces pain and inflammation. Also, it improves diabetes and lupus conditions.

4. Ginger: It has outstanding benefits for inflammation and pain. Also, it is beneficial for digestion challenges and obesity inflammation.

5. Rosemary: It plays a pivotal role in reducing inflammation and pain. Also, it is helpful to the patient who has rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Boswellia: It is operative for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis pain, and inflammation.

7. Bioflavonoids: They play a critical role in protecting against diseases, pain, and inflammation. The pigments are present in berries, tomatoes, and broccoli.

You can buy and apply CBD oil and magnesium with MSM sand in Kansas City or any other state with stores that stock them and end up with excellent results. Remember, it is always advisable to consult a doctor whenever you have a health condition. Fasting strategies are not advisable if you have ulcers, are breastfeeding, or are pregnant.