Weight loss isn’t easy. If you’re reading this, you know that. There are many reasons people gain weight and many reasons it is so difficult to lose weight. Weight management is more than “calories in/calories out.” Stress, hormones, and sluggish detox pathways are often overlooked contributing factors to stubborn weight.

Stress in any form causes the body to produce the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is the “fight or flight” hormone which historically was activated in acute stress, like being chased by a bear. In our modern stressful society, many people live in a constant “fight or flight” mode, therefore produce high amounts of cortisol all the time. Unused and overactive cortisol will be stored as fat which is a key reason why stress increases weight gain and makes it very difficult to lose weight.

Our Fat Focused Weight Loss System can’t make your stress go away, but the combination of nutrition plan, increased movement, and the Invisa-RED low energy laser technology can help your body be more resilient to your daily stress and potentially decrease your cortisol levels, stimulating the lymphatic system and helping your body naturally release unnecessary weight.

What is the Fat Focused Weight Loss System?

This innovative system uses the benefits of new technology and the common sense of a healthy lifestyle to get you the weight loss results you’ve been looking for. A free 15minute demo will determine how your body responds. Most people lose more inches than they can believe demo. If you are a good fit for the program, our team at LifeWorks Integrative Health will design your plan and guide you every step of the way based on your current health and health goals.

How Does It Work?

The Fat Focus System stimulates the lymphatic system using low light laser energy called Invisa-RED. This state of the art laser technology allows fat cells to open through the lymph system allowing the body’s natural detoxification and metabolism systems to release fat. The mobilized fat then gets used as energy and eliminated through sweat and urine. Alongside moving your body and eating sensibly, our program can help you detox, feel great and reach your goals!

Is It Only For Weight Loss?

For those who are already in a normal body fat range, the Invisa-RED low energy laser technology is also used for body contouring to minimize the look of cellulite, stretch marks and skin tightening. Our team at LifeWorks Integrative Health in Shawnee, KS can develop the right plan for you.

Disqualifying Medical Conditions:

Our qualified staff will determine if you are a good fit for the program at your initial consultation. The following medical conditions are unable to participate in this program, but are welcome to schedule with our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist for nutrition consultation: Pregnancy, epilepsy, renal failure, history of stroke, severe hypertension, implanted devices, active eating disorder or history of eating disorder (eligibility of those with history of eating disorder determined based on interview with and recommendations of Registered Dietitian).

The LifeWorks Integrative Health team will determine eligibility for each participant based on a variety of factors to ensure your safety and success in the program.