Functional Medicine Doctor Overland Park KS

Functional Medicine Based on Why

Functional Medicine Doctor Overland Park KSHave you heard the term Functional Medicine, but don’t know where to find a reliable functional medicine doctor Overland Park KS trusts? Well, you’ve found it. LifeWorks Integrative Health specializes and excels in functional medicine, also known as root-cause medicine. We aim to find the underlying cause of your health issue, correct the imbalances, and maintain it. This is how you feel great again. Functional medicine is not new, even though many are learning about it for the first time. In fact, it is actually how medicine worked before drugs and insurance were driving the conversation. The fundamental question all great functional medicine practitioners never stop asking is, “Why?” By understanding WHY your health issue is occuring, there can be a clearer path towards HOW to heal. LifeWorks Integrative Health has the functional medicine doctor Overland Park, KS relies on to help you heal and thrive.

You Are Meant To Thrive

We’ve honestly lost count of the number of people who come to us after their doctor tells them there are no solutions to their health issue, and they just need to manage symptoms as best they can with medications. Our first response each time is… NO! You are meant to heal, thrive, and be well. Not only are you meant for that, but your body has an amazing ability to heal when given the tools. Thyroid conditions, autoimmune disease, menopause, chronic pain, or chronic fatigue should not define your life. With the help of the functional medicine doctor Overland Park, KS trusts, you can restore balance and vitality to your body and mind. This means you can get back to the life you want and the people you love!

How We Think Differently

It’s not that we have magic bullets or magic potions that heal everything. It is just that we think differently than conventional medicine has been taught to think. We are thinking first about what is causing the issue (why) rather than only about what can alleviate symptoms. That doesn’t mean we don’t help your symptoms. We absolutely do, but in a way that corrects the actual cause of it rather than putting a bandaid on it. A functional medicine doctor Overland Park KS needs thinks differently about body systems too. Your body is not a bunch of separate systems linked together, it is a fully integrated system with many different functions. We think about how one system affects the other, rather than treating a symptom in isolation. In other words, if you have a heart disease, we are not just looking at cholesterol levels. In fact, those are quite poor indicators of heart disease risk since it is such a small part of the heart disease picture. We are looking at all sources of inflammation in your body because a qualified functional medicine doctor Overland Park KS can count on knows that hormones, inflammation, sleep, stress, and food choices all play a role in heart disease. Every system in your body affects another, and they need to be considered as such. A narrow, myopic view of the body can cause grave results.  When single body systems are treated in isolation, new problems arise because new imbalances are being created. We believe when the whole you is taken into account, your body can do amazing things for you! Take back your health and thrive again with the team at LifeWorks Integrative Health. With over 18 years experience in excellent root-cause based care, we are the functional medicine doctor Overland Park KS turns to for real solutions.