IV Nutrition in Kansas City

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

IV nutrition is a service offered to infuse essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients back into your body. Many chronic diseases are caused by a lack of vitamins in your diet. Because processed foods are more and more popular, they deplete the minerals in your body that you need to function.

IV nutrition in Kansas City is a service you can rely on to get the vitamins that you need. Our team conducts Nutrition Response Testing to identify the nutrients you lack. And then, we create a specific mixture of vitamins and minerals for your body.

How Long Does IV Nutrition Therapy Last?

IV nutrition in Shawnee, KS, can last 4-6 days. Because of this, we suggest that you come in for a weekly infusion if you want to see the most benefits.

Once you have identified the vitamins and minerals that will increase your health and improve your chronic illness, you can visit our office in Kansas City to start your IV nutrition therapy.

With vitamin packages that include a boost of immunity after recovering from an illness or vitamins that will help your muscles recover after workouts, you can see the benefits quickly after starting the treatment.

What Are the Benefits?

Some immediate benefits that patients see are a boost of energy, decreased symptoms from chronic illness, the ability to maintain a healthy weight, and a balanced diet of nutrients instantly. IV nutrition is worth a try if you are looking for a way to treat your chronic illness without settling with chronic pain or digestive issues.

Contact LifeWorks

At LifeWorks, sign up for Nutrition Response Testing to discover the nutrients your body lacks and choose IV Nutrition to provide balance and restore health. If you are looking for an alternative strategy to relieve your chronic symptoms, schedule a consultation to talk about your options.


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