If I Have My Own Stem Cells Why Do I Need More?

If my body has its own stem cells then why would I need to put more in?

Here is the reason why:

Your own stem cells age – as you age. Your stem cells go through the same environmental, physical, emotional and chemical stresses that you endure throughout your life. So, their effectiveness at decreasing inflammation, reducing scar tissue and healing and regenerating becomes much less as you age.

Our medical providers use a younger stem cell from umbilical cord blood.  Umbilical Stem Cells are much more potent, more robust and cost effective.

Using your own stem cells from fat or from bone is like using a rotary phone to call somebody. Does it get the job done? Sure, it gets the job done but it’s slower, less efficient.  

Now, imagine calling someone from an iPhone: it’s faster, more efficient and it’s easy.  The younger stem cells are more potent, more robust and your best option for inflammation, scar tissue, regeneration and immune modulatory.

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