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Kansas City Chiropractors | 3 Ways to Relieve Back Pain At Home

Back pain puts a damper on everyday life. Not only does it make you feel bad, but it also limits daily activities that you took for granted. Just like other injuries, you never know how much you use your back until it hurts for an extended period of time. Kansas City Chiropractors can help!

While some of us encounter back pain due to a fall or injury, others simply wake up one day with instant back pain. While Kansas City chiropractors do recommend heat and ice to treat back pain at home, there are other ways to feel better as well. Check out these 3 ways to relieve back pain at home:

Keep Moving

One of the first things that patients want to do with back pain is to find a comfortable chair to sit in all day. While rest is essential to help relieve pain, too much of it can actually do more harm than good. Light activities, like walking, can help loosen up the muscles in the back that could be causing pain. Staying still will at first relieve pain, but immobilizing the area can also slow the healing process.

Change Sleeping Positions

We all have our favorite sleeping position: either on our back, side, or stomach. While there is a lot to be said for different mattress types and support, an easy way to find back pain relief includes switching up your sleeping position from the norm. This can mean that you may find more relief on your side or your back than you usually would. Most Kansas City chiropractors suggest staying away from sleeping on your stomach, as this is an unsupportive back position.

Try A New Stretch

Focus on those back muscles that are causing your pain. Stretching those muscles very slowly can help with the tension that back pain can cause. Try a few yoga poses, such as the cat and cow pose that can help stretch back muscles. Other ways to improve back pain include lying on the floor with your feet resting on the seat of a couch or chair.

When to Call Kansas City Chiropractors

If all of these remedies don’t lessen your back pain, it may be time to contact Kansas City chiropractors for an appointment. The licensed professionals at LifeWorks Integrative Health can help target the root cause of your pain and get you on the path to relief. Consider all of these tips to help relieve back pain at home the next time you notice a twinge or two.


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