Knee Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Nonsurgical Knee Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas

Knee Pain Treatment in Shawnee, Kansas | Joint pain is a common issue for many patients of all ages. While older generations usually are candidates for knee replacements, younger patients also experience knee pain that can greatly reduce their quality of life. However, many patients either don’t want to have surgery, or have had a failed knee replacement. There are other options to try before going under the knife. Check out how to experience knee pain relief without surgery:

Knee Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas

Regenerative Therapy

One of the newest ways to help alleviate knee pain without the need for surgery is regenerative therapy. Injected cells can help repair torn tissue or ligaments without surgery. Regenerative therapy can also help to decrease the loss of bone and can help quiet inflammation to get your knee back to working order. Regenerative medicine is just one option for knee pain treatment in Shawnee, Kansas.

Knee Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas

Integrative Nonsurgical Approach To Treat Arthritis

Osteoarthritis knee pain is not only painful but can severely limit your overall life. Many patients who struggle with knee pain are surprised to hear that their issue could stem from other parts of the body and may not be centralized in the knee joint. Asking for a full comprehensive overview of your health and body is the key to finding long-lasting relief.

Knee Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas


It is a common misconception that rehabilitation is simply stretching. Physical rehab technicians are specially trained to help alleviate pain using natural applications. Different stretches, taping options, and massage can all work together to bring pain relief. Rehabilitation is just one option for knee pain treatment in Shawnee, Kansas.

Knee pain can limit your mobility and make everyday tasks either hard or impossible to accomplish. Contact LifeWorks today to help get you back to enjoying and living life without knee pain. They have many options for knee pain treatment and can help treat your entire body for better health.


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