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Low Back Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas

Low Back Pain Treatment In Shawnee, Kansas | Backaches are commonplace in today’s world. Repetitive movements, periodic strain, or even age can all create an aching back. Limited mobility in the back not only hurts, but also greatly impacts daily actions that you once took for granted. Learn about these 3 ways to relieve an aching back so that you can find relief fast:

Find The Proper Support

When you experience back pain, the last thing you need is a chair or bed that doesn’t have the right support. Find a chair to sit in that properly supports your back without pain. These chairs are usually rigid instead of soft and allow your back to relax. While softer beds are usually more comfortable at first, a firmer bed is best when dealing with back pain. Many patients also find back pain relief laying on the ground or floor of a room with their feet raised for lower back support.

Keep Moving

We know that it sounds counterintuitive, but moving around can greatly decrease your pain when experiencing lower back issues. Moving allows the muscles to stretch and move around which can bring comfort. Longer periods of movement may be difficult, so consider walking around the house in short spurts to keep the muscles loose. Rehabilitation is a low back pain treatment in Shawnee, Kansas that uses movement to combat pain.

Low Back Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas

Ice and Heat Packs

Many doctors that provide low back pain treatment in Shawnee, Kansas suggest the use of ice and heat packs for back pain relief. Ice packs help constrict the blood vessels which allow the body to target the hurting area. Heat then relaxes the muscles that are often tight in the lower back region. Switching from ice to heat intermittently can greatly help alleviate lower back pain.

Your day can easily be ruined by any kind of low back pain, but it doesn’t have to be! If these at home methods aren’t quite working, consider contacting the professionals at LifeWorks for a comprehensive guide tailored to your specific body. Finding low back pain treatment in Shawnee, Kansas is easy when working with these highly skilled professionals.




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