Neuropathy Testimonials

Neuropathy Testimonials

Many people have had positive results from our Neuropathy program. Are you ready to commit to taking control of your Neuropathy?

LifeWorks offers a holistic approach to treat your neuropathy pain and address the root cause of neuropathy.

Real Stories. Real Results.

Heather Found Relief From Neuropathy Without Drugs

Heather was experiencing pain, numbness, and tingling in her feet  for almost a year. Her doctors told her that medication was her only option and there was nothing they could to treat her Neuropathy.

After only a week of treatment, Heather had significant results. She is no longer experiencing pain on a nightly basis and feels like she got her life back because of this breakthrough Neuropathy treatment.

Jared’s Foot Pain Improved Within Days of First Treatment

Jared received regenerative medicine treatment for the Neuropathy in his feet. Before treatment, the Neuropathy was so bad in his left foot that he didn’t even feel when he stepped on a nail.

Jared noticed improvement within days of his first treatment. After a month of treatment, he continues to see improvement in his quality of life and no longer suffers from Neuropathy pain in his feet.

Melvin Found Relief From His Peripheral Neuropathy Without More Drugs

Melvin’s Neuropathy was getting so bad that it prevented him from leaving his house. His doctor kept increasing dosages of medication to try and combat the symptoms, but enough was enough.

After just a few weeks of treatment with LifeWorks, even his wife noticed a huge improvement. He has become more active which has helped him to lose weight, and spend more time with his wife. Melvin is back to living his best life.

Mary Didn’t Want To Live With Peripheral Neuropathy

Mary has had Idiopathic Neuropathy for over ten years! Her doctors continued to prescribe pain medication, but it kept getting worse and worse. With ten years and no answers, Mary had enough.

Two months ago she came to LifeWorks, and her results are outstanding. She no longer needs medication to sleep at night and, continues to get better after each treatment.

Steven Found Improvement From Stroke Symptoms

Steven suffered a stroke at the beginning of 2019. He was left unable to walk or talk and completely paralyzed on his left side. After reaching the limit of what the rehabilitation centers could provide him he decided to reach out to LifeWorks.

Almost instantly Steven was able to feel the results of the treatments. After just two weeks he started to get the feeling back in his hands and feet. He continues to improve with each treatment and is on the road to recovery.

Jim’s Doctors Had No Solutions For The Progression of His Peripheral Neuropathy, Than He Found Lifeworks 

Jim knew he had a problem, but he could not get any answers as to what it was. Increased pain and tingling in his feet lead him to blame a pair of shoes he bought that were uncomfortable.

Needing answers he decided to make an appointment with LifeWorks. After just a few weeks the pain in his knees and feet has almost completely subsided. We are glad Jim is finally able to start enjoying his retirement.

Struggling With Neuropathy?

Lasting relief is available with a new treatment option only offered at LifeWorks. Eliminate neuropathy pain for good without medication and get back to living your best life!

  • Do you have SHARP, STABBING PAIN that you have been told you have to live with?

  • Have you TRIED EVERYTHING (medication, diet changes, essential oils, supplements, and stretching or yoga) with no results?

  • Have you been offered MORE MEDICATIONS as your only option?

Our evidenced-based treatment has helped our patients reduce their pain and halt the progression of their nerve damage. Don’t suffer from painful symptoms any longer! Schedule your free consultation today. We can eliminate pain and increase mobility, without drugs or medication.

Neuropathy Treatment Shawnee KS

Are You A Candidate For Treatment?

Find Out Now

Don’t Suffer From Neuropathy Pain Any Longer

Are you a candidate for this new comprehensive neuropathy treatment? Schedule a free, no obligation consultation if you:

  • Have pain, numbness and tingling in the hands or feet
  • Have received a recent diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy
  • Have been told you’ll have to live with your neuropathy pain
  • Are looking for a drug-free approach to treat your neuropathy pain

Our 16 point Nerve Assessment gauges the amount of nerve loss and which areas are effected the most.

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