Neuropathy Treatment Done Right

Neuropathy Treatment Done Right

Standard Treatment Pitfalls

Many people live with neuropathy pain for far too long before finding the solutions that work best for them. Read this article to understand more about neuropathy and this article for causes of neuropathy about which you might not be aware. Traditional neuropathy treatment does absolutely nothing at the places nerve pain or damage is actually occuring. Yes, you read that correctly. It is shocking that the treatment most commonly offered are medications that trick the brain into not perceiving pain, while the disease itself which is causing the pain continues to progress. Drugs like lyrica, gabapentin, and neurontin were designed for epilepsy to slow the brain down, and are the “go to” option for most neuropathy treatments. This is often in combination with NSAIDs and even narcotics which leaves you in a heap of side effects and a disease that continues to worsen. Far too many practitioners simply don’t understand nerve pain and neuropathy, and therefore do not offer simple, straight forward solutions that can both get you out of pain and stop your disease progression. There is a better way- the LifeWorks way-  for truly resolving your neuropathy pain and symptoms.

Finding Underlying Causes

The cause of neuropathy is often misunderstood or even unknown in which case treatment is simply only guessing. Since neuropathy can be caused by infections, hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, and heavy metal toxicity, there is no hope in solving nerve pain without correcting the underlying or root cause. The LifeWorks physical medicine team performs a 16 point nerve exam to determine exactly the location and severity of your nerve damage. The functional medicine team can identify physiological causes that need to be corrected to prevent further neuropathy from developing. Our neuropathy program supports you in identifying the underlying cause of your neuropathy, if not already known, while quickly improving your symptoms and pain. Keep reading for details on the exact methods we use to solve your neuropathy pain.

The LifeWorks Neuropathy Solution

Our neuropathy solution includes five restorative treatments that improve blood flow, heal nerves, and gets nutrients to the damaged areas in your body. While each individual’s results will be unique to them, typical results we see with our patients is 60-100% improvement of nerve pain and symptoms. The LifeWorks neuropathy program requires 4-weeks of in office treatments with an additional 6-weeks of home treatments and follow up by our team. We offer the ONLY treatment options that do not simply cover up the pain. By covering up pain with medications you are only getting worse. Your neuropathy continues to progress even if you are temporarily in less pain. This will leave you in MORE pain, with MORE complications and LESS mobility and adaptability to live the life you want in the future. Do not settle for a cover up. Get to the bottom of your neuropathy with help from the team at LifeWorks Integrative Health. Here are the 5 combined treatments our program uses to get you better:  

1.Infrared LED Technology- stimulates blood supply

The core issue with neuropathy is a lack of blood supply. Your pain is only solved when nerves can heal and blood supply can get to every part of your body. Our infrared LED technology stimulates the blood vessels to promote more blood supply and new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis) . By promoting angiogenesis, healing speeds up, pain is reduced, and nerve damage from lack of blood supply to nerves is resolved.

2. High Frequency Stimulation- reprograms nerve signaling

Along with lack of blood supply, neuropathy is also an issue with nerve signaling and brain signaling. The brain signals to the nerves have gone haywire which results in the brain signaling pain constantly. The source of pain from neuropathy is faulty brain signaling which can be corrected with high frequency electric stimulation. This may sound big and intense, but it is not painful at all, simply sends strong enough signals between the nerve and the brain in order to override the faulty signaling and get the brain and healthy nerves back on the same page for correct signaling. This results in big improvements in pain.

3. Pulse Wave Technology- stimulates healing

Using pulse wave technology alongside regenerative therapy, we are able to create an optimal healing environment specifically for capillaries, which are damaged with neuropathy. As the smallest type of blood vessels, capillaries are a big part of getting good blood flow to all parts of the body. The pulse wave technology helps to prime the capillaries for healing which is then intensified when stem cells are introduced since stem cells are one of the most effective ways for the body to generate new healthy tissue of any kind.

4. Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy- stimulates blood flow, increases nutrients, and capillary flow

There are many uses for regenerative therapy,  and neuropathy is one of the most effective applications for stem cells. Stem cells promote angiogenesis (new blood vessel production) and stimulate capillary health. Stem cells are a proven way to get increased nutrients and new blood flow to the nerves that have been damaged by neuropathy. Because stem cells also can promote the growth of new blood vessels, areas that previously had insufficient blood flow to adequately support good nerve function and signaling, can regain function. This process resolves symptoms of neuropathy such as pain, tingling, and numbness as nerve function is restored and reset through improved blood flow.

5. Nutritional supplementation- supports nutrient deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies are often the cause of neuropathy and lack of healing of blood vessels and nerves. This is particularly important in chemotherapy related neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, and autoimmune conditions. Common neuropathy related nutrient deficiencies include:

  • Acetyl L Carnitine

The neuropathy program at LifeWorks Integrative Health will ensure your nutrient needs are met with therapeutic doses of the nutrients essential for good nerve function and healing. Working with a practitioner who truly understands nerve pain means you will have the right combination of nutritional supplements at the right doses to help your pain. The right dosages are an important part of the puzzle of neuropathy as many people try to dose their own over the counter supplements only to not get the quality or dose of supplement that will actually work.

When it comes to the painful discomforts of neuropathy, you do not have to settle for pain cover-ups that allow your condition to continue progressing. The neuropathy program at LifeWorks is a comprehensive, effective, and proven treatment for neuropathy that solves your pain. With typical improvements in neuropathy pain and symptoms at 60-100%, you can rest assured our team knows how to help your neuropathy pain. Don’t let your pain and disease get any worse. It is your time to get the real treatment you need for your neuropathy.

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