Overland Park KS Functional Medicine Specialist

Overland Park KS functional medicine specialistLifeWorks Integrative Health is your comprehensive, multidisciplinary team including the most trusted Overland Park KS functional medicine specialist. When you need someone to get to the root of your health issues, this is where you turn. When you are tired of covering up symptoms with more medications and you fear the unknown effects of those medications, we are here. We take the best science, biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy alongside comprehensive assessment tools then ask “why?” When it comes to your health, short cuts won’t cut it. This is why we keep learning, keep pressing forward and keep asking why. This small three letter word is one of the most powerful tools that our Overland Park functional medicine specialist uses. It may seem inconsequential when you are suffering, but it is the best ways to truly get to reason you are not well. When that can be understood, healing can begin. We believe your body is resilient and designed for health, but needs the tools to do what is was designed to do. Whether it is a chronic health issue like heart disease, diabetes, ADHD, Autism, or autoimmune disease or an acute issue like cancer, allergies, cold/flu, we can help. If you are looking for a more natural, lasting alternative to quick fix medication options that truly solves your health issues, we are your Overland Park functional medicine specialist.

The Benefits of Functional Medicine and Our Approach

The term functional medicine is growing in popularity, but this way of approaching health and health conditions is not new. It is rooted in the fundamental concept that there is an underlying biochemical imbalance at the root of most health issues. The primary benefit of functional medicine is how comprehensive your health assessment is. The first appointment is usually the longest because our health history goes far beyond some check marks along a disease column. We want to know it all from issues occuring at birth, to your level of stress, to how you eat. Our Overland Park functional medicine specialist knows that digging deeper gets better results so we go deep. Not only with your health history, but we also go deep when assessing laboratory data because it helps us determine the “why” behind your health issue. When the right laboratory data can be assessed using references ranges that reflect optimal health, not only disease, we then have a roadmap for how to help you be well.

While the list of all the benefits of functional medicine would be quite extensive, our favorite is, because it works. We have spent almost 20 years seeing it work. It works because we see, assess and treat your body based on what YOUR body needs. Our Overland Park KS functional medicine specialist gets results by relentlessly asking “why” at every turn of your care. When we keep asking why, keep learning what your body needs, and keep exploring what types of interventions work best with your body and your lifestyle, we get you well again.

We also understand that health is complex and a variety of tools are needed to to the job well. Building a strong foundation of health, including restoring health when suffering, is like building a house. A variety of tools and materials are needed along with a contractor who knows how to use them best.  Your Overland Park KS functional medicine specialist is like your contractor who engages a multidisciplinary team as the building materials needed for your great health and variety of treatment modalities as the tools to get you the health you need for the life you want.