Pain Doctor Shawnee KS

pain doctor Shawnee KSHas your search for the right pain doctor Shawnee KS trusts turned up dry? Does your gut tell you there is another option for you besides more medications and surgery? Are you tired of being in pain, but just as tired of the side effects of pain medications? Have you resigned to live with stubborn, nagging pain? Did you hope surgery would alleviate your pain for good, but it hasn’t? There is another way. We have non medication, non surgical options available. Let your pain be our problem, not yours! With multiple ways to address pain, we can find the solutions that work for you.

How Pain Works

Majority of pain comes from repetitive improper biomechanical movements. The pain doctor Shawnee KS respects knows this can be due to an acute injury, or these movements can make you more susceptible to acute injury. The types of movements that cause poor biomechanics have become some of the most natural movements in our daily life, but they are not natural to how we were made to move. For example, sitting at a desk, sitting for long periods of time, and using hand held electronic devices tighten, shorten and weaken muscles causing most of the neck, back and sciatica issues. When working with our kind of pain doctor Shawnee Kansas patients rely on, you are with a team that understands pain is much more about correcting movements and strengthening weak muscles than it is about adding more medications. Proper alignment of the spine is fundamental to pain management which is why we combining rehab therapy with chiropractic care. If the spine is not aligned, you run the risk of training and strengthening muscles to move incorrectly. These incorrect movements from poor biomechanics and a misaligned spine require the body to compensate for weaker and tight areas, therefore putting strain on other areas. This is a cycle where pain begets pain.

How We Work

When searching for a pain doctor Shawnee KS counts on, you need a team with multiple tools in their “toolbelt” because pain is very individual. With five specific ways in which we address pain, you can be assured there are options for you.

  1. Chiropractic care: alignment of the spine is critical for pain management
  2. Rehab therapy: correct biomechanics is the root of many types of pain
  3. Trigger point therapy: releasing the tension in specific areas helps relieve pain and prevents injury in surrounding muscles.
  4. Regenerative stem cell therapy: an effective, minimally invasive option to regenerate damaged tissue
  5. Functional medicine: inflammation is at the root of any type of pain which we can addressed from the inside out giving you better health, not just less pain.

Your whole health is what our pain doctor Shawnee KS cares about most. We won’t take any shortcuts with quick-fix approaches, but we also know how to get your pain improved quickly. We see the results we do because we combine treatments to help you feel better while also addressing the underlying, root cause of your pain. Anyone offering only one of the options above likely cannot address your pain fully. Either it will take too long to get relief, or the quick fix will not last. We care about relief for you now, and we also care about how you are doing years from now. A quality pain doctor Shawnee KS residents turn to will provide combination of options that fit your situation.