Pain Management Specialist Shawnee KS Trusts Discusses Naturopathic Medicine and Injury Recovery

Pain Management Specialist Shawnee KSA pain management specialist Shawnee KS looks to knows what works for pain, but also what works for people. Too many medical interventions are narrowly focused on one specific area or issue, but does not see the whole you. Your lifestyle, your schedule, the whole of your health needs.  If there is a perfect solution for your pain, but your body does not respond well, you cannot actually maintain the regimen, or you don’t know what the side effects will be, then that is not actually the solution for your pain. A solution that creates another problem simply isn’t a solution. It is a diversion. Pain Management Treatments for Fibromyalgia.

The right pain management specialist Shawnee KS can rely on aims to solve pain, not divert pain. Many pain treatments divert the focus of the acute pain just enough to think it is helping, but in the end, you have new issues to deal with or the pain was only marginally addressed.

Being in pain makes it almost impossible to live your life to the fullest. It doesn’t matter how well things are going, if you are hurting somewhere, you know you find it hard to do things, to concentrate, to get out and enjoy yourself, your loved ones and even your furry friends.

You will do almost anything to get rid of the pain but sometimes regular methods let us down. Conventional wisdom has made people think pharmaceuticals are the answer but considering the opioid epidemic this country is experiencing, other options should be considered.

Alternative methods for finding relief are gaining more traction. A Shawnee KS pain management specialist and naturopathic doctor could be just what you need to get back on the right track and reclaim your life.

A naturopath has herbs, spices, botanicals, and supplements at their disposal to help alleviate pain. Here are just a few and how they can help you.

It comes from hot chili peppers and decreases a substance in the body (substance P) that interrupts the transmission of pain signals. It has been shown to help with post-surgical pain. It can be a cream used inside the nose.

It is the active ingredient in turmeric, which is used in a lot of Indian food and curries. It’s known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, a key to lessening pain. Since it’s not well absorbed, you’re better off using products that use the BCM-95 for of curcumin.

Fish oil is a great champion in the fight against inflammation.

S Adenosylmethionine is known for its effect on your mood, but it can also help with joint pain by reducing inflammation.

Like capsaicin, resveratrol has substance P, so it too has the ability to interrupt the transmission of pain signals. It has also been shown to lower neuropathic pain by balancing the release of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines.

There are many more options in the naturopath’s arsenal to help patients with pain relief. In addition to things you can ingest, there are things you can do to help you with the pain management.

  • Acupuncture: It has been around for 3,000 years for a reason. This Chinese tradition can be great for lower back pain as well relieving other areas of the body as well.
  • Yoga: Stretching with the accompanying breathing techniques can go a long way towards relieving your stress. Let’s face it — being in constant pain is stressful and only makes things worse.
  • Heat and Ice: Heat opens up the blood vessels (relaxing sore muscles) while ice decreases blood flow to the injury (which in turn, decreases the swelling and lessens the inflammation)

How We Do Pain
At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we understand that your pain is unique and needs a personalized approach. Our method of comprehensive assessment helps us to understand the cause of your pain. Everything we do asks the question… “Why?” Without this question, there is no way to understand the mechanism behind your pain.

The pain management specialist Shawnee KS patients ask for can unlock the why to your pain. When this is done, a solution specifically for you can be developed that corrects the source of the pain. We get the results we do because we are not reliant on only one tool in our toolbelt for pain.

Too many people look to fit everyone’s pain into only one way of treating it. That method does not allow for the most comprehensive solution to your needs. This is why we utilize options such as chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, rehab therapy, regenerative medicine and functional medicine, each of which can offer a different healing aspect to your pain. The pain management specialist Shawnee KS respects knows that only a hammer cannot build a strong house, or a house at all. In the same way, we know that only one tool for pain management cannot get you the movement, vitality, and relief you deserve.

Health Beyond Pain
When you come to us for pain, that is our first focus, but we also know that if you are in pain, there are likely other health factors at play. To get you the best results, the health you desire, and the long-term vitality you deserve, you need a team that sees you beyond your pain. The pain management specialist Shawnee KS patients turn to does not stop at just fixing your pain, but wants the best for your whole health. This is why our functional medicine team works alongside our physical medicine team to get the whole you well.

The biggest downfall of modern medicine is the compartmentalization of body systems. We are not serving you well or giving you our best if we don’t help you improve your whole health. Getting your pain addressed is our first priority, but alongside that, we can help you make the health and lifestyle changes that keep you out of pain and living the life you want. Thepain management specialist Shawnee KS deserves knows that you are more than your pain and we are your team for long-term health.

The important thing is to not give up on your search for answers. Pain can be debilitating and the corresponding depression can make you feel like there isn’t any hope. If you would like more information or want to consult with one of our pain management specialist Shawnee KS
patients recommend to see if there is a treatment plan that is right for you, schedule a consultation with us at LifeWorks Integrative Health.