Part 1: What is Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Imagine having such nagging or debilitating pain that you cannot do normal daily functions like raise your arm to fix your hair, or climb stairs, or hold a pen to write. When pain begins to affect even the smallest aspect of daily life, it can take a toll on your entire life. Many of the patients who come to us for regenerative therapy have tried medications, physical therapy, and even sometimes surgery, but their daily life continues to be painful. This is why our patients sought us out as their regenerative medicine doctor in Shawnee, KS. Now imagine having daily pain that within two to three weeks is 99% gone or vastly improved? Imagine a solution for joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and even finger pain that doesn’t need dangerous medications.  Imagine being as active as you want to be. Imagine feeling better as you get older, not progressively worse. Imagine taking fewer medications as you age, not more. You are not imagining the impossible! You have just imagined what we do on a daily basis for the amazing people who come to us for regenerative medicine therapy.

What Is Regenerative Therapy?

The results of regenerative therapy are amazing, the safety is high and when done within a functional medicine model, the relief is lasting. As we age, cells that make up the bone, cartilage and surrounding tissues take longer to heal and do not heal as well. Consider that when a toddler breaks a bone, it only takes about two weeks to heal compared with a middle-aged person who can expect 8-12+ weeks for a bone to heal. Regenerative therapy introduces new, young cells into an injured or painful area of the body allowing it to heal faster and more effectively. This is even true for pain or decreased range of motion from scar tissue from previous injuries. Regenerative therapy can help the body replace scar tissue with healthy tissue where even old injuries, or surgical complications can improve or resolve. As we age, the body is not able to heal as quickly or as fully, but regenerative therapy and other types of regenerative medicine can give the body extra support. This boost in healing potential not only slows aging, but it improves and prevents pain.

Regenerative therapy is human cells and tissue products administered to the injured tissue to speed, stimulate and supplement the body’s own ability to heal. We offer three types of regenerative therapy that can show immediate relief and continue an increase in relief for many months after the initial treatment. This means your pain will likely continue to improve for months after your treatment and that level of improvement will remain when maintenance lifestyle habits are established.

Most people, doctors included, consider aches, pains, stiff joints, and decreased range of motion normal signs of aging that everyone just lives with and works around. This isn’t necessarily true. Yes, as the body ages it is not as resilients, slower to heal, and more vulnerable to injury, but regenerative medicine offers new life to old cells. It is not a “magic bullet” or “quick fix” but we have to say, the results are amazing and often experienced within days. The LifeWorks Integrative Health team understands how to use regenerative medicine as part of your wellness plan so that you can experience the full benefits for years and years to come.

This means the powerful benefits of regenerative medicine are working alongside the tried and true wellness lifestyle and habits that have been leading people to health for generations. This means we work with you to fix improper body mechanics that caused your pain in the first place. We help you identify the sources of inflammation causing tissue damage and decrease it, and we walk alongside you for long term, high level management of chronic diseases that accelerate aging, pain, and decrease quality of life. If you are in pain and know that endless cycles of medications, side effects, or surgeries are not what you want for your future, let’s chat about how regenerative medicine can help you.


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