Physical Rehabilitation in Shawnee KS

Physical Rehabilitation Shawnee KSWhen it comes to physical rehabilitation in Shawnee KS, LifeWorks Integrative Health is where you can get moving again. Our rehab team has helped hundreds of people return to their best possible physical condition after sports injuries, work-related accidents, and a wide variety of orthopedic issues that cause pain and decreased mobility. The team at LifeWorks understands not only how the musculoskeletal system works, but how the body naturally adapts and compensates for improper movements either from repetitive movement or injury. These adaptations create a large number of the chronic issues that cause people pain. Rehab therapy addresses the areas of weakness and tightening that improper movement causes in order to improve balance, increase strength, improve flexibility and increase range of motion.

Addressing Phasic and Tonic Muscle Issues with Physical Rehabilitation in Shawnee, KS

Muscles can be divided into two categories called Phasic and Tonic. Each of these are affected differently when they are stressed by improper movements either from repetitive improper movements, the body adapting to pain or injury, or an acute injury itself. When stressed, your muscles either become tight or weak. Anytime you use your muscles there is some level of load or force associated with movement. When these movements are not done as the body was designed to move, the load the joint was designed to handle is off. Think of a spoke in a wheel. If one spoke is bent, the balance of the wheel if off.

Tonic muscles are responsible for holding your posture and when they are stressed, they become tight. Tight muscles decrease range of motion which promotes injury or pain.

Phasic muscles are responsible for all the other types of small dynamic movements. These when not being utilized properly become weak. Any weak muscle is highly susceptible and often the cause of injuries, and therefore pain.

Issues with phasic and tonic muscle groups are like bent spokes in your wheel. Over time these  imbalances create pain, more injury, and even degenerative conditions. The movements that need to be corrected are actually everyday life movements that have been developed as our culture relies more on sitting, using handheld devices and generally moves less. The chronic, pervasive use of desks and devices continue to be the source of much of the back, neck, hip, and knee pain from which people suffer. You might wonder how using a handheld device like a cell phone or tablet might affect your hips, but our body is one full system with each part dependent on the health and functionality of the other- like spokes on a wheel. This is true both externally in muscles, joints, tendons, and cartilage an internally in the biochemical processes of organ function.

The chronic use of handheld devices actually changes the curvature of the neck over time. This adds stress and an imbalanced load to the upper back and shoulders. When these muscles become tight and/or weak, there is a ripple effect to the rest of the musculoskeletal system. When the lower back is not properly functioning, the hips do not have the range of motion needed. When hips do not properly function, the knee joints then compensate or take on the load. Similar effects are seen with the increased sitting experienced from desk jobs, long commutes, and even the time spend sitting using devices for entertainment.

The musculoskeletal changes and degeneration that were once seen in older adults is occuring earlier and earlier to the point that children are experiencing pain decades earlier than they should because of the over use of devices, and lack of physical activity. Tonic and phasic muscle issues need to be addressed in any situation where there is musculoskeletal pain or discomfort at any age.

Most of the pain we help solve comes from tight/short tonic muscles and weak phasic muscles. Our rehabilitation services are designed to assess your situation and develop and strengthening and stretching program specific to what you need. Our expertly trained rehab team uses functional assessments to personalize your plan. The team for physical rehabilitation in Shawnee KS will help you:

  • Improve balance
  • Increase strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase range of motion

Tight, stiff, painful movements can become a thing of the past with the help of the LifeWorks Integrative Health rehab team. Start feeling better now!


Avoid High Risk, Invasive Treatments

When we think of high risk, high cost behaviors, we aren’t thinking about extreme sports. We talking about pain medications and surgery for musculoskeletal pain. The risk of side effects and potential addiction to prescription medications alongside the cost of surgeries that may or may not work are not your only option for your pain and decreased mobility. We are here as your safe, proven and effective alternative to unnecessary medications and expensive/invasive surgeries. Rehab services are a big part of the answer for solving pain that is largely underutilized as a treatment option. Far too many people are relying only one type of treatment for their pain. Regardless of how effective even the natural alternatives to pain are, if you are not correcting the underlying movements causing the pain, your are only partially solving your problem.

We aim to fully solve your pain problems by having a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to pain. Our approach is not complicated, but it is complex because the human body is complex by design. Too many practitioners oversimplify what is happening in the body and therefore offer incomplete treatment options. We keep it simple for you while we do the work of in depth, functional movement assessments. Then you get simple tools and instructions to improve your pain from a team that is willing to do the hard work to get results. Unnecessary surgeries and prescription medications simply do not utilize the wide range of tools available to improve and solve pain.

At LifeWorks Integrative Health our rehabilitation team works alongside our functional medicine team, regenerative medicine team and chiropractic care team to give you the comprehensive, yet simple solutions to your pain. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter stretching plans or treatment options that only address part of your pain problem. You can rely on the experience, expertise, and excellent results of our rehab team to develop the personalized plan for your pain. Don’t wait any longer to get the solutions you deserve from physical rehabilitation in Shawnee KS.


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