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If you suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) as a result of a car wreck, sports injury, fall, surgery, or diabetes you know first hand the limited treatment options available in the conventional medical system. Perhaps your doctor has offered you a wide variety of medications including those developed for depression such as Gabapentin. Maybe you have needed more for your pain and have been offered opioid drugs as the only way to really manage the pain you experience day in and day out. If this sounds anything like your story, we have news for you.

Stem Cells and Peripheral Neuropathy

Stem cells may be able to stop your PN pain. Stem cells are a welcomed new option for PN pain. Stem cell therapy uses the types of cells that are inherently designed by your body to heal damage. Because of the advances in technology around how to safely and effectively administer stem cells, the accessibility and reliability of regenerative therapy is rapidly growing. The results real people, just like you and me, are experiencing is life-changing.

PN happens because of damage to the communication network within the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The nerves in this system are responsible for carrying signals to the spine and brain. This means PN can occur in any area of the body where nerves are damaged resulting in pain, numbness, tingling, heightened touch sensitivity and even blood pressure and sweating regulation issues. PN is most known as a side effect of uncontrolled blood sugar in diabetics and while this is the largest population to experience PN, a wide variety of people suffer for a wide variety of reasons. Over 175 million people experience PN and treatment options have been very limited.

That is until now. The new option of regenerative therapy for PN offered by LifeWorks Integrative health takes your healing to the next level by getting results that are real. Real healing of the damaged tissue rather than more suggestions for symptom management or prescription medications. It is no secret that opioid drugs are a public health crisis with the largest percentage of people addicted to opioids being those to whom they were legally prescribed for a legitimate pain need.

If you have suffered an injury from a car wreck, or job related accident that resulted in nerve pain or damage, you may be quite familiar with the pain medications available to you since that is often all that doctors can offer. There is a real way to get rid of your pain instead of try to cover it up. Not only could you get out of pain faster, but you may be able to get back to the life you want quicker and in less, or no pain. What if the damage from your injury could be healed? What if the pain could go? What if you really had the health you need for the life you want? A doctor of alternative medicine Overland Park, KS trusts at LifeWorks sees these “what if” questions getting their answers all the time as our patients get back to the life they had before their injury or PN started. They are no longer asking “what if,” but rather, asking, “what’s next!”

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