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Knee Pain Relief


Our treatment works for a wide variety of conditions. If you are suffering from knee pain, there may be hope!
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LifeWorks Solutions for Knee Pain


Knee pain relief is possible. Knee pain from injury or wear and tear from improper movements will not be relieved if the improper movements contributing to the pain are not corrected. Our physiotherapy rehab team are a dedicated crew who knows how to get you moving correctly, without pain, and strengthen the surrounding muscles in all the right ways. That’s not all though!

Many people who suffer from osteoarthritis knee pain are unaware that their pain is not originating in their knee, but rather in systemic inflammation occurring through the whole body. Our functional medicine team has decades of experience reducing and relieving pain through anti inflammatory lifestyle changes including:

  • food recommendations
  • high quality nutrition supplements
  • essential oils
  • supportive herbs and more.

We also use regenerative therapy and other regenerative medicine options actually repair the damaged tissue in your knee. If you have had failed surgeries to remove cartilage and are now looking at a potential knee replacement, regenerative therapy could be the solution for you. We could not be more proud to offer this option for pain relief to our community and our patients are ecstatic at the results they are feeling. This non-invasive, safe, fast, and effective option is changing the landscape and shifting the paradigm for how the medical community views knee pain.

You do not have to settle for more drugs with side effects and expensive surgeries with missed work and recovery time. LifeWorks Integrative Health has your knee pain relief in Johnson County KS right here. We are ready for you to get the relief you need!

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  • Pain Management
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  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Posture Screening
  • Joint Injections
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Viscosupplementation
  • Chiropractic Care

Lifeworks’ team of caring, knowledgeable providers utilize a holistic approach to treating the root-cause of pain & disease. Lifeworks delivers the highest level of comprehensive care available and empowers individuals with the hope that healing is possible. Ready to get back to living your best life?

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