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Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Regenerative Therapy in Kansas City KS: How It Can Help Your Joints

Joint pain is a constant and often daily issue for many Americans. While you have tried over the counter pills, prescriptions, and every kind of strength exercise under the sun, many patients still struggle with some form of joint pain. A new type of technology has entered the medical field resulting in pain-free patients who have struggled with joint main. Learn more about regenerative therapy in Kansas City KS, and how it can help your joints.

Helps Your Body Heal Itself

As opposed to degenerative therapy, like surgery, regenerative therapy helps your own cells heal themselves. This new advance in medicine involves the use of regenerative medicine, cytokines, and growth factors that help your body wake up and begin to heal. When involving your joints, regenerative therapy calls attention to these areas to help your body feel better without the need for prescriptions or anti-inflammatories.

No More Drug Side Effects

For those of us with joint pain, a daily (or sometimes multi-daily) dose of an anti-inflammatory is our only way to make it through the day. However, these medications often have serious side effects that could be decreasing our overall health. Stomach issues, headaches, and other side effects plague us when all we are looking for is some joint relief. Regenerative therapy in Kansas City KS allows your body to decrease these side effects as it heals the body without the need for your regular pain medication.

Grow Healthy Tissue

Many with chronic joint pain experience a decrease in needed tissue that helps cushion the stress of daily life. Regenerative medicine helps to replace these weakened areas of the body with new cells that are ready to begin the much-needed healing process. Growing healthy tissue instead of cutting away damaged tissue is a much better way to find relief.

While regenerative therapy is a relatively new form of medicine, medical professionals are finding that it is a valid and often successful form of treatment. Consider contacting the staff at LifeWorks Integrative Health for more information about this exciting new option. You’ll find just what you’re looking for when it comes to regenerative therapy in Kansas City KS.


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