Sciatica Treatment in Kansas City

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Many Kansas City residents struggle with sciatica pain. This type of pain is a warning sign that there is another issue within the body. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and can easily show signs that the body has been injured. When seeking sciatica treatment in Kansas City, consider these 3 injuries that may be the culprit to the pain:

Accidental or Sports Related Falls

Injuries happen all of the time when patients play sports. Many sports, like football, require falls as part of the game whereas other sports, like tennis, don’t usually involve falls. However, any type of fall, whether expected or not, can result in sciatica pain. Accidental falls are a common issue with older patients who lost their footing or slipped. These injuries may seem slight, but their effect on the body can present symptoms of sciatica pain days or even weeks later.

Car Accidents

Blunt forces that are involved in car accidents can easily cause sciatica pain. Any kind of force applied to the spine can result in herniated discs and pain along the sciatic nerve. It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention after being involved in a car crash or traffic accident. Even the slightest accidents can cause pain that requires sciatica treatment in Kansas City.

Weightlifting Injury

Again, sciatica pain flares up in the body as a secondary warning. Oftentimes, patients experience sciatic nerve pain due to a herniated disc. Physical stress, such as repeatedly lifting weights, can cause herniated discs along the spine. Another way that herniated discs can occur involves the misuse of weights when patients lift weights without using the proper technique or safety guidelines

Finding the right kind of sciatica treatment in Kansas City is crucial to healing after an injury. If you’ve experienced any of these injuries, and have pain in your hips, lower back, or along your leg, you could have a sciatica pain issue. Contact LifeWorks Integrative Health today for a free consultation to help relieve your sciatica pain.


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