Sciatica Treatment Kansas City

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

People who have sciatica suffer from excruciating pain in the buttocks or the leg. Contrary to what many people believe, the pain doesn’t initiate in the back. It may be the result of a pelvic injury, or from any source of direct sciatic nerve pressure. 

Sciatic pain may be mild or intense in degree. Some people can’t stand for any period, sit upright, or find a comfortable position to rest in. There are several non-surgical options for sciatica treatment in Kansas City, including stretching.

Many people incorporate stretches with their treatment plan and find that it offers relief for hip pain. You should consult your care provider before doing stretches of any type. Stretching may also be guided or overseen by physical rehab technicians to ensure that they are being done properly. 

If approved by your care provider, these stretches may be effective when combined with your sciatica treatment in Kansas City

  • Bending the knee to the chest
  • Stretching the hip while seated
  • Stretching the hamstring while standing
  • Twisting the spinal area while seated
  • Pulling the knee to the shoulder

If the pain increases, you should stop doing these stretches immediately. You may feel a little tension during them, but no increase in the pain level should be felt. Sciatica is not always preventable but modifications to your lifestyle could help to decrease an onset of symptoms. 

Exercise can aid in strengthening the core and could help to prevent an onset of sciatica pain. It is imperative to undergo professional sciatica treatment in Kansas City to find the best treatment options for your condition.

At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we offer integrative treatment options for a wide category of issues, including sciatica pain. We specialize in creating customized treatment plans for each patient to help deliver relief that lasts because we address the source of your problem and chronic pain. If you’re ready to treat the root cause of your sciatica pain, call our office or request to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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