Chiropractic care encompasses more than just back pain treatment. In fact, the first chiropractic adjustment was performed on a deaf man, which resulted in the restoration of his hearing. Many such conditions can be addressed by removing pressure from the nerve involved with the affected area.

Nearly 95% of patients who seek chiropractic care in the U.S., do so as a result of musculoskeletal pain, including:

  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Back Pain
  • Extremity Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Strain / Sprain Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Knee Pain

However, other conditions caused by spinal dysfunction account for the remaining 5% of chiropractic patients. LifeWorks Integrative Health uses chiropractic methods to treat the following conditions that manifest themselves through the nervous system:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Digestive Dysfunctions
  • Ear Infections
  • General Ailments

Although chiropractic care is not a guaranteed miracle treatment, it is not uncommon for patients to report an improvement in these types of conditions after receiving chiropractic treatment.

As the science of chiropractic has evolved, so have the techniques used within its practice. Common chiropractic treatment methods have grown to include the following areas:

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Orthotics
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Exercise Programs
  • Physical Rehabilitation

While these adjunctive treatments are certainly beneficial, spinal and joint manipulation to alleviate back pain remains the primary and most effective mode of treatment by the chiropractor.

At the LifeWorks Integrative Health chiropractic clinic, education is a big part of each patients’ success. Almost everyone understands that chiropractic treatment is beneficial for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, headaches, and sprain/strain injuries. However, very few people – including the medical community – truly understand the effect that adjustments have on the central nervous system, particularly the autonomic nervous system and its sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

How Chiropractic Care Works

Chiropractic adjustments directly affect musculoskeletal structures by reducing pain and increasing joint motion. Musculoskeletal structures include ligaments, muscles, joints, joint capsules, and the surrounding myofascial tissues. Aside from this direct benefit, the autonomic nervous system is indirectly affected by the down regulation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and promotion of the para-sympathetic nervous system (rest and repair).

Some chiropractic patients report improvement in organic function, in addition to musculoskeletal benefits. So some patients who have systemic symptoms may see improved results from chiropractic care, even without the presence of pain.

Healthy Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is safe and beneficial for patients with a variety of health conditions, not just those who suffer from chronic pain or have been injured. Even if you’re relatively healthy with only a few, if any, health conditions, you can benefit from chiropractic maintenance care.

The impact of life’s daily stresses affect the human body in far greater ways than you might realize. Regular adjustments by a chiropractor can restore and maintain your internal balance, allowing your innately intelligent human body to heal itself. You’ll be better prepared to live your life to the fullest!

Routine chiropractic treatment maintains your body at a higher level of activity. Even more, your body can self-heal through proper alignment! The spinal column is the conduit through which the brain sends messages to your body’s nervous system. So, protecting the integrity of the spinal column through regular visits to LifeWorks Integrative Health is vital to your body’s optimal function and overall health.

Chiropractic care, coupled with our outstanding, caring team, will produce incredible results for your health and wellness. Whether you have back pain, a bulging disc or just need maintenance, take control of your health today and contact us to learn more!