Shoulder Pain Treatment in Kansas City

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

When seeking shoulder pain treatment in Kansas City, you’ll likely hear the term Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Repetitive movements, like the ones that you do at work, can easily create RSI pain within the shoulder joint. Learn more about how your job could be making your pain worse when seeking shoulder pain treatment in Kansas City.

Small Repetitive Tasks

Those Kansas City residents who work in an office may doubt that their shoulder pain could be the result of any kind of work injury. However, it is the small repetitive tasks that can build up to become a shoulder issue. Tasks like moving a computer mouse, writing on a classroom whiteboard, or even talking on the phone can cause shoulder pain. These actions don’t seem like a lot, but the constant use overtime can overextend both the tendons and joints of the body. Shoulder Pain Treatment in Kansas City can help!

Shoulder Pressure on the Job

Working on a construction site is the perfect setting for shoulder pain. Carrying lumber on your shoulder or working with heavy machinery are all stress factors that can result in an RSI. Unnatural vibrations, such as working with a gravel compactor or handheld drill, can also be the cause of shoulder pain issues. Being aware of added pressure on your shoulder can help alleviate pain in the future.

Bad Posture

Hunching over a desk, computer, or checkout stand are all on the job areas that can create bad posture. This unnatural spine shape can cause major issues not only in your back but also your shoulders and neck. Keep notice of your posture while at work and straighten up whenever you realize that you are curving your back too much. Consider purchasing posture support items that can help correct your posture while you focus on the job.

There is Hope: With Shoulder Pain Treatment in Kansas City

Shoulder pain can quickly affect, and even ruin, your ability to do your job. It is important to be mindful of the parts of your job that can lead to shoulder pain. For shoulder pain treatment in Kansas City, consider contacting LifeWorks Integrative Health today.

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