Stem Cell Doctor Shawnee KS

Can Stem Cells Help Your Pain?

stem cell doctor Shawnee KSA stem cell doctor Shawnee KS respects can improve most types of joint and musculoskeletal pain through determining the right type of regenerative medicine is best for each situation. Your only option for back, neck, knee or any other type of arthritic or injury pain does not have to be medications and surgery. There are safer and more effective alternatives in regenerative medicine. Most pain develops from repeated improper movements developed over time. These poor biomechanics come from daily activities such as sitting, working at a desk, driving and using handheld devices, but they also develop from acute injuries where muscles compensate for an injury and create a new area of stress where pain develops. A stem cell doctor Shawnee KS trusts will assess your entire health story to develop the right plan for you to address your pain, the underlying poor biomechanics, and other lifestyle factors to keep you out of pain.

What Is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy is an umbrella term for stem cell and other solutions like protein rich plasma (PRP) and amniotic fluid. These aid in repairing cells or tissues, although PRP and amniotic fluid do not contain stem cells. These two options lay the groundwork and promote great healing. Think of them like fertilizer for stem cells which is why we rely on the clinical expertise of our stem cell doctor Shawnee KS to determine the right combination of regenerative therapy options for you. Simple injections to the site of pain or injury can begin healing which improves pain, range of motion, and takes the stress off of surrounding muscle groups. This prevents further injuries from occurring. As we age, cells that make up the bone, cartilage and surrounding tissues take longer to heal and do not heal as well. Consider that when a toddler breaks a bone, it only takes about two weeks to heal compared with a middle-aged person who can expect 8-12+ weeks for a bone to heal. Having a trusted stem cell doctor Shawnee KS can be the difference in your living with pain or without it. These amazing cells have the ability to generate new healthy tissue at an injured site. This provides healing to injured areas and new growth in areas where age and injury have decreased fluid, cartilage, and/or bone for proper,pain free movement. Pain relief continues to improve for many weeks following the treatment for most people. This happens because stem cells that are administered have active cytokines which signal to the tissue to continue healing the injured area.

The Type of Cells Trusted by This Stem Cell Doctor in Shawnee KS

Not all types of stem cells are the same. There are three types of cells used in regenerative medicine: umbilical cord (UC), adipose and bone marrow cells. UC cells, in our opinion, are the most effective and efficient type. They have high levels of viable mesenchymal cells (the kind that make bone, cartilage, muscle and surrounding tissues). Here are the benefits compared to the other types of stem cells:

  • No painful or time consuming extraction process
  • Young source of cells to speed healing
  • Less expensive
  • Clinically more effective
  • Highest level of cell multiplication
  • Lower levels of metabolically inactive cells
  • Lower inflammation markers

What Our Stem Cell Doctor Shawnee KS Does That Others Don’t

We believe that addressing pain using only regenerative therapy only treats part of your pain problem. Even though the results using stem cell therapy alone can be wonderful, without rehab to correct the underlying biomechanical imbalances, you are left vulnerable for future injuries. Yes, the pain is improved, but nothing done to address how the pain occurred. Usually pain happens because of wear and tear of cumulative trauma that happens over time. We are as passionate about correcting the improper movements causing pain, as we are about relieving it. Our stem cell doctor Shawnee KS has your best interest at heart when wanting to truly correct your source of pain. This is why we include rehab with stem cell therapy. There is nothing better than watching our people get real pain relief. Don’t sell yourself short by not including the rehab needed to strengthen and retrain the surrounding muscles that will make that pain relief last.

You Don’t Have To Live In Pain

Imagine not being able to do normal daily functions like raise your arm to fix your hair, climb stairs, or hold a pen to write. These are some of the injuries our clients dealt with before coming to our stem cell doctor Shawnee KS. Our clients have reported having pain that within two to three weeks is 99% gone. That may be your story too and we can help you write that story. But you have to make the first move. We’re here, ready to join your team for health and healing. Imagine being as active as you want to be. Imagine feeling better as you get older, not progressively worse. Imagine taking fewer medications as you age, not more. You are not imagining the impossible! You have just imagined what the people who come to us experience because of our skilled, compassionate team of rehab specialists and stem cell doctor Shawnee KS relies on.