Chronic Disease and Inflammation

Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Chronic Disease and Inflammation | Does Inflammation Cause Chronic Disease?

Chronic Disease and Inflammation | Studies have shown that chronic inflammation is directly linked to many of the most common chronic diseases we encounter in our lives. Over 60% of people are affected with at least one condition associated with chronic inflammation. The number of people with heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer continues to soar as a result of the stress and dysfunction caused by chronic inflammation.

Addressing The Root of Your Health Problems

The process of chronic inflammation begins with your body doing the right thing. Hormones are released due to injury, stress or your diet which causes your immune system to react. If the injury doesn’t heal, the stress doesn’t end or the diet doesn’t change, this normally healthy process can turn into chronic inflammation and disease. If your immune system doesn’t “turn off,” a vicious cycle of tissue damage can lead to long term inflammation & future health issues.

  • Chronic inflammation results in an imbalanced immune response, which can lead to chronic disease.
  • When inflammatory mediators are overproduced, it can lead to tissue damage.
  • Taking a pro-active approach to your health now can lower your risk for developing chronic disease later.

How To Eliminate Inflammation & Chronic Disease

A few of the most common risk factors associated with chronic inflammation include age, obesity, diet, smoking, hormone imbalances and sleep disorders. While age is something you can’t control, nearly all the other risk factors can be altered with your daily habits. Be sure to attend our upcoming workshop to get practical tips on how to reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation!

Don’t Burn Out: The Truth About Inflammation

Register For The Inflammation Workshop

Want to learn more about conquering inflammation and achieving your health goals? Join us at our upcoming workshop where we’ll cover:

  • The dangers of chronic inflammation
  • The importance of identify and attacking the root source of your inflammation
  • How to overcome chronic inflammation and enjoy a healthy lifestyle

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Chronic Disease and Inflammation | Does Inflammation Cause Chronic Disease? Join us for this month’s Body Signals Workshop: Inflammation Nation, Where you will discover the simple shifts that you can make in your lifestyle That will create profound changes in how you look, feel and function.



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