Why Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Specialist Shawnee KSIf you are looking for a weight loss specialist Shawnee KS trusts, you have come to the right place. The need for weight loss to improve and reverse chronic disease is at an all time high and you are not alone in the desire to make this change. We know that searching for a weight loss option is not easy and weight loss is not easy. We also know that your “why” for weight loss is bigger than fitting into a certain size jeans. We know your desire for weight loss is about something more important- your health and well-being. We are here to help you get there. Your “why” is for you to live the vibrant, active life you long for without pain and fatigue. It is to enjoy the amazing people in your life for years to come. Being a weight loss specialist Shawnee KS respects, we care about results just as much as we care about a whole and empowered YOU. Your value, your worth, your contribution to the world is not contingent on losing weight. You are MORE. You are who we want to educate, nurture and empower to live your best life.

Shawnee KS Weight Loss Specialists with Experience

Not everyone offering a weight loss plan actually knows how the body works. Nor are they as invested in new science, cutting-edge technology, and a fundamental, deep understanding of the many reasons the body holds onto weight. We have years of experience walking alongside people on the weight loss journey. We help  engage your deeper “why”, do the day to day work, and understand what is happening in your body. This gets results. We consider it an honor to do this work. We love nothing more than educating and empowering people to have the health they need for the life they want.

How Are We Different?

As the weight loss specialist Shawnee KS understands, we use evidence based science around behavior change, body composition, toxicity, metabolic, hormone, thyroid, and physical activity to assess and shift the underlying root cause of your weight struggle. Evidence-based functional medicine alongside cutting edge technology, physical medicine, and rehab options give you a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team. We look beyond the “calories in/calories out” philosophy that is failing too many people.  You deserve better than typical plans that amount to “eat less, exercise more.” Not only does this not work, but it leave you feeling deprived and at war with your body. We are the different Shawnee KS weight loss specialist option because we actually want you to celebrate, enjoy, and be at peace with your body, even as you do the work towards making changes. You are amazing. You have unique and necessary skills and talents to give the world. This is true before you ever lose a pound and it is true after your have met your goal. We are different because care about the whole you, and we we know how to get results.

What To Look For In a Weight Loss Experience?

If you have been looking for a weight loss specialist Shawnee KS patients rely on but are not sure what the right team looks like, here is what we think.  Your team should:

  • listen, understand, and get to know you. Not a top down “my way or the highway” mentality that leaves you feeling small and not in charge of your own life.
  • have the clinical experience in functional medicine to uncover and correct underlying medical issues preventing your weight loss
  • know how to help you develop the correct biomechanical movements to prevent injury, improve pain to help you move your body correctly
  • understand how complex the areas of food and weight loss can be and offers compassion, expertise, and tools to help you get unstuck

Are weight loss programs safe?

The safety of our patients is our highest priority.

Throughout each program, our patients are treated and followed closely by weight loss specialist in Shawnee, KS trained in internal medicine. Our patients see our physicians and physician assistants on an ongoing basis throughout their time in treatment. The frequency of these visits will depend on the medical condition of the patient, which medications the patient is taking and the type of treatment protocol we are utilizing.

Will I maintain my weight loss?

Obesity is a chronic disease, which means it cannot be cured. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss are both difficult to do and require different strategies and skills. Our treatment is designed to help patients lose weight and to give them the skills to help keep it off. Many studies have shown that various factors can contribute to improving the maintenance of weight loss. Patients who a focus on their Shawnee, KS weight loss specialist’s recommendations, develop a regular exercise program, and adhere to it after losing the weight do much better when it comes to controlling weight fluctuations. Making use of the skills learned while in treatment can help patients control their weight and keep a significant amount of weight off for a long period of time.

Our Shawnee KS Weight Loss Specialist Team Can Help!

We ready for you! Whether this is the first time you’ve needed help with weight loss or you have done it all, we can help. Our team is honored to partner with you and ready to empower, support and lead your weight loss. Our comprehensive, cutting edge approach has been developed out of years of experience and rests on the shoulders of good science. Our weight loss strategy has common elements that each person utilizes, but each part is tailored to your needs based on your body, your health and your goals. This personalization is critical, and it is why we succeed as the weight loss specialist Shawnee KS can count on.