What is the difference between umbilical cord stem cells versus autologous stem cells?

What is the difference between umbilical cord stem cells versus autologous stem cells?

This is a common question – isn’t it better to use my own stem cells (autologous) rather than getting donated umbilical stem cells?

The answer is no, and here’s why: Research shows that the younger the stem cells are, the more effective they are. Autologous means that it is from your own body, meaning from fat or from your bones (typically, the hip or the femur). The difference is that these cells vs. umbilical cells are older. They age as you age. What research is showing is that those cells have the same stresses as all of our other cells do in our body. They have the stresses of age, time, toxins, and just stress in general.  It affects the effectiveness of the cells from your own body.

If I have stem cells in my body, then why doesn’t my body repair itself? Your own stem cells decline in effectiveness and quantity as you age. While you can source stem cells from bone and fat and it be effective, it is not ideal.  There is also a painful extraction procedure in order to get those cells out.

The research is showing is that stem cells go to places where there is inflammation. So if it takes a surgical procedure in order to extract this stem cell, from fat or into bone, isn’t it likely that inflammation was created in that area? Absolutely. The stem cells are then going to migrate to where the most inflammation is at – usually the site of injury.  And since the cells migrate to inflammation, some of the cells will go just to heal the surgical extraction area.

This is another big component to taking stem cells from your own body, you will get an unverifiable quantity of cells. As you age, the number of cells decreases in your body. If the number of cells decrease in your body, then you extract some. You don’t know how many you are actually getting.  Also – through the processing of these cells before they go back into your body – no one knows how many are truly viable because they can’t be tested right there. There is just simply not enough time for that.

The last thing with using autologous cells is simply they are typically more expensive with surgery and recovery.   

At LifeWorks, we use human umbilical cord stem cells. The cord if from live, healthy births that have all been tested and regulated by the American Tissue Banks and the American Blood Banks.

The difference: There is not an extraction procedure.  The consistency quantity, the viability and the amount of the stem cells you will be receiving are verified.  The cells used at LifeWorks has a 76% viability rate. They are also younger, they are more potent, and they have a higher efficiency to healing on the inside.

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