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Understand Your Health Better

Nervous System

Evaluate your autonomic nervous system, particularly the balance between the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) systems.

Blood Sugar

Better understand your blood sugar regulation, pointing towards low blood sugar or high blood sugar, which can impact overall energy levels and metabolic function.


Look for underlying signs that could indicate cardiovascular stress that coorelate with high or low/normal blood pressure, which could affect heart health and circulation.

Gallbladder & Liver

Dive deeper into liver and gallbladder health, including their roles in detoxification, fat metabolism, and bile production. Indicators of congestion or damage to these organs are assessed.

Digestive Stress

Analyze digestive function, specifically the production of stomach acid (HCl), proteolytic enzymes, and bile, all of which are critical for proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

Endocrine Stress

Understand questions related to hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and gonad function, which play key roles in hormonal balance and metabolic processes.


Evaluate deficiencies in B-complex vitamins, which are essential for energy production, nervous system function, and various metabolic processes.

5 Main Complaints

Take into consideration your top 5 main health complaints to keep your program focused around your health goals.

Your Report Includes

Personalized Supplement Schedule

Master your health regime with our straightforward Supplement Schedule. It's like having a health coach in your pocket, guiding you when to take each supplement for the best results.

No more confusion about what to take and when – we've mapped it all out for you. With our easy-to-follow schedule, you'll unlock the full potential of your supplements, ensuring you get the support you need at just the right times, day or night.

​​​​​​​Get ready to take the mystery out of your supplements and step into a world of clear, managed wellness.

Body System Descriptions & Symptom Coorelations

Navigate your path to well-being with descriptions of your most fatigued body systems. You'll recieve your top three health groups – be it Blood Sugar Imbalance, Nervous System, Cardiovascular Stress, Gallbladder & Liver, Digestive Stress, Endocrine Stress, or B-Complex Deficiencies – each description is a key to unlock your underlying health issues.

With clear insights into primary and secondary symptoms, you'll have the knowledge to select whole food supplements that precisely target and nourish your systems. Discover the power of nature with whole food supplements and turn the page to a new chapter of vitality!

Body System Score Sheet

Keep a clear track of your wellness journey with our Body System Score Sheet. It's your personal dashboard for monitoring how each body system is responding to your supplement routine.

You'll be able to better understand underlying body systems to see how your symptom groups are ranking.

Quick to review and easy to understand, this score sheet helps you visualize progress, pinpoint areas that need more attention, and adjust your supplements for optimal health. With this actionable insight, you're one step closer to fine-tuning your body's balance and vitality.

Cautions And Contraindications

Navigate your health regimen with confidence using our Clinician Warnings feature. Tailored to your unique report, this essential tool alerts you to any precautions and contraindications linked with your selected Standard Process and MediHerb supplements.

By highlighting important warnings, you'll gain a deeper understanding of each product and the specific risks it may pose, ensuring you can make informed decisions about your supplement intake.

This proactive approach is designed to prioritize your safety and efficacy of your health plan, allowing you to take charge of your wellness journey with peace of mind.

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Start your journey by creating an account on our secure platform. This will allow you to take assessments, view results and view progress. This system is designed with privacy in mind. Only our team can access your results.​​​​​​

Add Top 5 Complaints & Case Notes

Part of the survey is to provide your top 5 complaints. This will allow your Health Coach to tailor your program to your immediate needs. They will adjust your recommendations based on stressed and tired body systems and organs.

Get Report & Review Supplements

Once our Health Coaches have reviewed your results, they will email your report with your Standard Process and Mediherb supplement plan. If you have any questions, please reach out to our chat and we will get back to you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Assessment and Report Free?

Yes, at this time we are offering these professional reports free of charge, no strings attached. We only ask that if you decide to purchase supplements, you do it here. It allows us to keep our amazing Health Coaches well taken care of.

How Many Questions Are In The Survey?

There are about 212 questions spread out into 14 sections that takes approzimately 10 minutes to complete. We recommend filling out the 5 main complaints on the final tab (T&C) in order to give our Health Coaches some direction on your case. Don't forget to SUBMIT your survey when complete.

How are the Survey Questions Organized

Group 1: Sympathetic Dominance

Sympathetic Dominance in the Autonomic Nervous System, likened to a body's gas pedal, accelerates body processes and reacts to stress, potentially hindering the Parasympathetic side's operation. Symptoms include over-alertness, poor digestion, and erratic pulse, with a need for nutritional support for both the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic sides.

Group 2: Parasympathetic Dominance

Parasympathetic Dominance, representing the body's brakes, focuses on rest and repair but can impede Sympathetic functions when dominant. Indications include lethargy, frequent illness, and a dislike of exercise, requiring nutritional support for balance.

Group 3: Sugar Handling

Sugar handling involves managing dietary carbohydrates, affecting both the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems and various organ functions. Symptoms range from headaches and fatigue to more severe conditions like diabetes, necessitating dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

Group 4: Cardiovascular

This group assesses the need for nutritional support for heart and circulatory system health. While not indicating heart disease, symptoms suggest a need for dietary and lifestyle changes to support cardiovascular function.

Group 5: Biliary and Liver Dysfunction

Biliary and Liver Dysfunction focuses on the need for nutritional support for liver and gallbladder function, crucial for detoxification and fat metabolism. Symptoms include chemical sensitivities and skin conditions, with recommendations for dietary changes and possibly detoxification.

Group 6: Digestive

Digestive issues point to the need for nutritional support for protein metabolism, essential for overall body nutrition. Symptoms include heartburn and bathroom difficulties, with suggestions for dietary adjustments and enzyme supplements.

Group 7a: Endocrine - Hyperthyroid

Hyperthyroidism in the Endocrine system, affecting nutrient transport in cells, indicates a lack of supportive nutrition and can lead to organ fatigue. This state requires dietary modifications and nutrition supplementation.

Group 7b: Endocrine - Hypothyroid

Hypothyroidism involves a slowed thyroid function, affecting body weight and temperature, requiring proper nutrition and possibly affecting other endocrine organs. Balancing the diet and nutrition is crucial for managing this condition.

Group 7c: Endocrine - Hyperpituitary

Hyperpituitary conditions affect digestive and reproductive systems, often caused by malnutrition or stress. Proper nutritional support is vital for balancing this gland's function and addressing associated symptoms.

Group 7d: Endocrine - Hypopituitary

Hypopituitary issues, resulting in slowed gland function, impact digestion and reproduction. Balanced nutrition and addressing stress are key to managing this condition.

Group 7e: Endocrine - Hyperadrenal

Hyperadrenal conditions indicate a heightened state of the adrenal glands, often in response to stress or illness. Managing stress, avoiding stimulants, and proper nutrition are essential for balance.

Group 7f: Endocrine - Hypoadrenal

Hypoadrenal states reflect fatigued adrenal glands, affecting energy and body weight. Avoiding stimulants and focusing on nutritional support are crucial for recovery.

Group 8: Foundational Issues

Foundational issues revolve around Vitamin B complex deficiencies, affecting nerve function, energy production, and overall health. A diet rich in whole foods and possibly supplements is recommended for balance.

Group F: Female

Female endocrine issues vary from preadolescence to post-menopause, requiring diverse nutritional support for reproductive health. Herbal extracts and lifestyle changes are often recommended to manage these conditions.

Group M: Male

Male endocrine concerns need varied nutritional support for reproductive health, affecting energy, libido, and stress management. Recommendations include dietary changes and herbal supplements for a balanced system.

Why do Some Questions in the Survey Overlap? If Questions Apply, Should I Mark Them Multiple Times?

Yes, if the question applies, then mark it in each of the sections. Some questions overlap and are indicated in multiple sections. Mark the same severity for these questions in each of the sections.

Can I Speak to Someone About My Results?

No, but we can chat about it (see our chat widget below). Due to the size of our team and popularity of this service, we are only offering chat support. We are planning on offering a membership program that includes one-on-one coaching and group sessions with Dr. Hemmer. Let us know in chat if you are interested.

Why is Providing Your 5 Main Complaints Important?

The survey is built on about 200 questions that indicate body systems that need support. Your Health Coach will pair your main complaints with tired body systems in order to individualize your plan. If you do not provide the 5 main complaints, then it is hard for our Coaches to tailor your supplement plan.​​​​​​​

How Do I Get My Report?

You can take the assessment here. After our Health Coach reviews your results, we will email a detailed and individualized .pdf report. If you have any questions, please send them through our website chat and give us up to 2-business days to respond.

Where Do I Find My Supplement Plan?

You'll find the exact supplements and number of bottles on the "Supplements - Costs and Quantities" section of your report. The software automatically determines quantities based on time. Your report is based on a 30-day supply. If you need an extended period of time such as 60 or 90-days, then contact us and we will send an updated report to make ordering easier for you.

How Is My Report Delivered?

Once we review your report, we will send a .pdf attached in an email within 2-Business Days. We recommend printing out your report for an easier reading experience. If you do not recieve your report, please check your junk email box. If you still cannot find it, please reach out to chat and we will get it to you ASAP.

Why is this Nutritional Assessment Software Trusted By Professionals?

For over two decades, the software we use to generate your nutritional assessment has been equipping 1000's of healthcare professionals to tailor nutrition plans with Standard Process and MediHerb products. It's evolved to let patients input their own data, making it simpler to match personal health needs with precise nutritional support. Renowned for its ease of use and detailed reports, this tool has become key in personalizing patient care for better health results.

Why Do We Use Health Coaches to Review Your Findings?

At the heart of our service lies a commitment to personal touch — each assessment is carefully reviewed and processed by our team of trained health coaches, ensuring your health goals are at the forefront of our analysis. Our health coaches are always at the ready to assist you further, whether you're looking to revisit your assessment, review your supplement plan, or simply need additional information.With the convenience of our chat service, they can swiftly pull up your records, providing a seamless and responsive experience that is tailored just for you.

Why Do We Take Your Privacy Seriously?

Your privacy has always been our top priority, a commitment we've upheld since the 1996. We rigorously protect the confidentiality of your personal information, ensuring it is never sold or shared. With decades of experience in data protection, we use state-of-the-art encryption and the latest SSL certificates to secure your information, creating a formidable digital fortress around your data. This combination of longstanding expertise and modern technology guarantees that your private details remain just that—private and accessible exclusively to you and our dedicated team.