Headache & Migraine Relief

Headache & Migraine Relief at LifeWorks

Anyone who suffers from frequent and intense headaches or migraines will agree the pain and inconvenience is an intrusion into your daily life. Headaches & migraines come with many unanswered questions like how long it will last, or if there an underlying condition that needs to be addressed.

The Problem With Traditional Medication For Headaches & Migraines

Medications used for headache and migraine relief often leave you feeling drowsy or unable to continue on with your daily activities. More invasive options have serious risks of long term side effects. Most people report their headache medications do not perform as well as they hoped and they still miss days of work or miss out on cherished time with friends and family.

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What Causes Headaches & Migraines?

The cause of headaches is often difficult to determine which is likely why few practitioners even attempt answering the “why” question. At LifeWorks, we never skip this pivotal piece to the puzzle and never stop asking “why”. In our decades of experience with treating headaches and migraines, we know that finding the root cause can take some effort, but ultimately it will provide you with lasting relief from frequent headaches and migraines.

If you have ever experienced the pain of a migraine, you know just how debilitating it can be. Migraines affect 1 in 4 American households and often run in the family. Experiencing a migraine from time to time is hard, but over 4 million Americans can’t go a few days without a migraine. Mitigating the pain and debilitation of migraines is a priority for many Kansas City residents. Consider these tips on where to find migraine relief near me.

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Understanding & Treating The Root Cause of Headaches & Migraines

When you understand why your headaches are occurring, you can then find the right solution to treat and prevent them for the future. This puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life-no longer a victim to the unknown time or place a headache may strike.

You do not have to settle for more drugs with side effects and expensive surgeries with missed work and recovery time. LifeWorks Integrative Health is here to help you find relief from chronic headaches & migraines. Don’t suffer any longer.

Headache & Migraine Relief In Shawnee, KS

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, you know you would do almost anything to decrease or eliminate the pain and inconvenience of this condition. Headache pain can come in many different forms and have many different, even multiple root causes. LifeWorks focuses on proving headache relief in Shawnee, KS and does not rely on covering up your pain with medications, but rather comprehensive physical medicine assessments to truly get to the bottom of your headache and migraine pain.

Our physical medicine team determines what spine alignment, movement, and tension issues may be causing or contributing to your headaches. With the comprehensive, multidisciplinary team on hand at LifeWorks Integrative health, you have all the resources available in one place. Whether you need spinal alignment, trigger point therapy, regenerative medicine, or physical rehab to improve your headaches & migraines, we have a knowledgeable team with years of experience in root-cause-based medicine. The team at LifeWorks is experienced with providing headache & migraine relief in Shawnee, KS. Don’t suffer any longer. Get back to living your best life.